Once Upon a Wish – Paranormal Romance

Donna Newman wouldn’t say she’s a complete failure at life – but she does come close. She works fulltime as an undervalued librarian in a small town library. She’s slightly overweight, and no matter how much she exercises never seems to lose those extra pounds. While all her friends went off to college or to get married, Donna’s a single thirty-two year old, without any kids or a future to look forward to.

When she finds a mystical lamp in the storage room of the library and accidently drops it, Donna has no idea that she actually released a djinn, who will grant her three wishes. Tyler Duncan, the man she had a crush on since kindergarten, finally notices her after she wishes herself supermodel skinny and gorgeous. She finally accomplishes her life long dream of being a veterinarian – simply by wishing it!

But the more time Donna spends in her fantasy world, the more she realizes that behind the moonshine and happiness may be a deep, dark secret that could destroy the world she’s crafted so carefully with the djinn’s help. This new woman, this femme fatale, isn’t really her. And sooner or later, the truth’s about to come out.

Shadowmyth – Paranormal Erotic Romance

Georgie is convinced she’s completely over her ex. After all, he was a lying bastard who told her he loved her and then left her for a five-year younger woman who’s accomplished nothing in life. While apart from the love department, everything’s working out great for Georgie, she feels like something is missing in life.

When she starts dreaming about creatures made of shadows, she thinks she’s just having nightmares. Until the shadowwalkers come to live and bring her to the shadowworld, a world filled with demons and darkness. Georgie learns that she’s the Shadowqueen, a powerful and mythical being whose power gets unlocked by making love to her supposed true love. But that’s not the worst surprise – turns out that not only is her ex-boyfriend in the Shadowland, he’s also a Shadowknight, and has sworn to protect the Queen.

Georgie’s position as Queen brings her in more danger than expected though. The council is determined to release her powers, and to do so they need to find her the perfect mate, no matter what the cost. But George isn’t willing to pay the prize. The longer she spends in the Shadowland, the longer she finds herself falling for her ex all over again. But he can’t be her true love. After all, if he were, her powers would already be released, and they aren’t…

While Georgie discovers who she truly is, she also learns about love, and that it means a lot more than she originally gave it credit for.

When Rome Burns – Historical Erotic Romance

Mevira saw her city burn. When she was captured by the Roman army, they slaughtered her family and her husband, Oleg. While Oleg was a brute, she never wished him dead. Or at least, she never expected to see it happen for real. When she’s brought as a slave to the great city of Rome, Mevira fears she never might find happiness again. Especially not when she’s sold to a Roman general with strict eyes who speaks to her angrily. Adapting to a new life, Mevira grows accustomed to the life of a slave – a life of servitude, and pleasing one’s master. But with each passing day, Mevira finds out that she doesn’t mind the latter all that much. Marcus, the Roman general who bought her, is a kind but strict master, and he’s not afraid to punish her when needed. But Mevira discovers something in Rome she didn’t anywhere else – a sense of belonging, safety, a home. When the fire between her and Marcus burns brighter than the fires of hell, she might just have found love as well.

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