Author Interview Cursed Heroes: The Beginnings Tour


I’m interviewing William D. Ollivierre, author of science-fiction / fantasy “Cursed Heroes: The Beginnings”. Welcome!

Q: Please tell us about yourself.

Most people call me Will mostly because I rarely answer to William. I do write a lot when I’m in a good mood but I never stop thinking about my stories. For as long as I can remember the one thing that has made me stand in my mind is my almost lack of interest in reality at times. This is because I’m always wrapped up in my own world, living out and adventure in my head or maybe just creating a new kind of world.

Other than that, I spend my time working on my websites or my car just doing little things to pass the time when I’m not working or writing.

Q: Tell us about your books.

My books are for fun and to teach a little lesson sometimes but for most part there for fun. I write each of my books not for the sake of writing but to enjoy the story and to share it with everyone. Just to let that person escape their world, their problems, and jump into mind and have a little fun for a while.

Q: What inspired you to write  Cursed Heroes: The Beginnings?

My inspiration for All of the Cursed Heroes is the same and that was that people can be saved by the people that are willing to do what it takes and never give up.

Q: How much time per week do you spend writing/editing your work?

Hardest question I’ve been asked in a long time. I don’t have a time I put aside to write or edit my work, some days I write and edit my work and then there are weeks when I do nothing. For me writing and editing are just the last things I do to get a story finished. All the little details and workings of everything I write and run through my head over and over again for days, weeks, even years before I will even write down the first word of the story. In fact many of my short stories have been written from memory of ones I had in mind years before. But if the question is how much time I spend creating new stories I would say it would be easier for me just to tell you I sleep about five hours a day so I spend around 45 hours a week not working on a story.

Q: If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

I only have two that I would like to meet Douglas Adams, and William Shakespeare.

Q: What are you working on at the moment?

The legend of the Zen is my current focus, I am hoping to have it finished by the end of November. This is the second book in cursed heroes series and it tells the life story of one of the leaders of the Brothers Will 24. Hopefully I can have it finished and ready to publish before December ends.

About The Book

beggins-cover-kendleTitle: Cursed Heroes: Beginnings

Author: WilliamD.  Ollivierre

Genre: Science-Fiction / Fantasy

In a universe where technology and the bad guys have gotten out of control, and a place where the destruction of a planet filled with people to test a weapon is the best way to show its power. Something must keep the balance of power, so the universe doesn’t fall into chaos. But when all forms of police and law keepers fail these heroes known as the Brothers Will stand tall.

Cursed by faith or maybe something much more powerful. Theses heroes fight risking everything in order to protect the universe they live in. Asking for nothing in return not even recognition, or so it may seem. These cursed souls are cursed to wander the universe forever protecting it against their own will.

Come see where they came from in this epic telling of just a few of their stories.

Author Bio

authorpicAuthor William D. Ollivierre, was created to write science fiction. With an imagination, that takes him out of this universe, to one of the wondrous worlds, heroes, and adventures. Then with his captivating voice, he takes you by the hand taking you for a ride in these worlds, pulling you deeper and deeper with each word.

He has published four books to date, one book of poems (The will of the heart, the love within) and three Science fiction works. Two short story collection and one novel, all as part of his Cursed Heroes saga that has only just began.


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