Author Interview with Veronica Larsen


I’m interviewing Veronica Larsen today, the author of contemporary romance “Entangle”. Welcome, and thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoyed the interview.

Q: Please tell us about yourself.

I am a romance author living in Southern California.

Q: Tell us about your book.

Entangle is the story of a woman who has deep attachment and abandonment issues. She manages to find success in her career, but what Alexis really wants, deep down, is to feel connected to someone. The story begins when she receives an invitation to her ex-husband’s wedding. This is a jarring reminder of how the life she wanted fell apart. She decides that her careful and sound decision making hasn’t gotten her anywhere. Rebelling against herself, she makes a bold and uncharacteristic move. She initiates an affair with her newest employee; Leo, a confident man with undeniable sex appeal. Alexis thinks she’s just enjoying a risk for a change, but deep down what she’s searching for is a place to set down the roots of her heart. Somewhere safe. What she fails to understand is that there is no safe place to set down a heart.

Q: What inspired you to write Entangle?

Entangle is not a novel I ever intended to publish, or even finish. It was just a fun project for me that I intended only for my husband to read, because of it’s erotic content. Initially, I wanted the story to be about lust. And so it was. Though the early drafts were too much about sex and too little about the internal workings of the characters. As the novel developed, this ratio flipped. The novel became more about a woman dealing with her deep rooted fear of intimacy. Lust became a vehicle through which she navigated her fear.

Q: How much time per week do you spend writing/editing your work?

I write every day. Even when i’m not writing i’m thinking about writing. While writing Entangle, I worked on it for 50-60 hours a week at least. Editing is particularly important to me. I did hire an editor, but I spent weeks polishing up the novel before I even sent it to her. And after I got it back, I went through it a few more time with a fine toothed comb to catch anything that slipped through the cracks.

Q: If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

I’d love to meet Ted Dekker, Phillipa Gregory, and JK Rowling.

Q: What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on Entice, book two of Hearts of Stone. It’s the story of Emily Stone, sister to the protagonist in Entangle.

About The Book

Cover_ebook_EntangleTitle: Entangle

Author: Veronica Larsen

Genre:  Romance (Adult, Contemporary)

Happily ever after? It doesn’t exist.

I wore the big white dress and rode off with Prince Charming. Then Charming changed his mind.

These days, I don’t put my heart in anyone’s hands because I don’t even know where I’ve left it.

So when a ruggedly handsome, blue-eyed man stirs my desires awake for the first time in years, I tell myself it’s a one-time thing.

And now? I’m hooked. Nothing could prepare me for Leo. He weaves simple, deliberate movements into pure, gilded pleasure. Like a sensual alchemist.

I’m so blinded by lust I barely notice the gaping hole opening underneath me, the one that’s sure to swallow me down. Because every time I’ve dared to get close to someone, they’ve cracked me wide open.

Why should this time be any different?


Twitter: @Author_VLarsen
Facebook: Veronica Larsen
Wattpad: VMLarsen

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