Book Review The Age of Amy: Channel ’63

amy3_coverTitle: The Age of Amy: Channel ‘63

Author: Bruce Edwards

Genre: Young Adult

What if you could tune your TV to the year 1963, and watch—live? A new theme park attraction allows visitors to not only observe, but talk with the people of that turbulent decade. For 16-year-old Amy, it’s the perfect escape from her own time, and the hardships of teenage life in the 21st century.

Things get complicated when Amy falls for a teenage boy in the 60s. Trying to build a relationship across time proves maddening, especially when computers bleep any language that might impact the future. Happily, Amy acquires a “magic clicker” which defeats this annoying restriction. But gaining the ability to speak freely comes with a heavy responsibility: Amy now has the power to alter history!

She struggles to be mindful of her speech, but finds the temptation to reverse the mistakes of the past irresistible. It is November, 1963 on the other side of the TV screen, and President Kennedy is about to be assassinated. Knowing the details of that tragic event, Amy hatches a dangerous plot to save the 35th president, unaware of the deadly consequences facing her long-ago friend, who must carry it out.

In this magical realism novel, 16 year old Amy gets to visit a new theme park which allows visitors to talk with people from the year 1963. Pretty amazing, but it gets complicated rather fast when Amy falls for a teenage boy from the roaring sixties.

Computers bleep any language that might impact the future, which restricts Amy’s communication with her new love interest, but when she buys a magic clicker to get past that restriction, she also involuntarily gains the power to change history. With the assassination of president Kennedy just around the corner, Amy hatches a dangerous plot to save the president.

With a solid dose of humor, some romance and a lot of adventure, excellent writing, and character development, the author has created a gem of a book that’s unique, creative and entertaining.

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