Author Interview with Regina Chouza


I’m hosting an interview today with Regina Chouza, author of non-fiction self-help guide: “A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer and Love”.

Q: Please tell us about yourself.

I am a qualified Healer, Reiki Master and blogger. After seven years in the corporate world, I finally made the jump to full-time Healer in 2013. It’s been quite a ride! I honestly believe that opportunity knocks when we move past our fears. Within the year, my book was published and I got a call from Ask1Radio, where I now host a weekly talk show on healing, intuition and angels.

My approach to Energy Healing hinges on the belief that our thoughts, emotions and reactions have an emotional charge. A positive experience can leave you feeling happy and energized. A negative experience does the opposite. Let’s say you had an argument where you found yourself tongue-tied. Not having the words to express yourself can leave a sense of frustration and even a constriction in your throat. I’ve certainly been there a few times! Energy Healing aims to clear that energy from the throat before it becomes physical. We also work with our clients to point out behavioral patterns that influence the body in this way. Let’s say a client frequently finds herself frustrated and at a loss for words. Could that be responsible for her chronic sore throat?

Q: Tell us about your book.

The book is called A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love. It’s a short but sweet guide to self-healing for families who are dealing with cancer. My theory is that medical care takes care of the physical urgency, while we can turn to healing for spiritual, emotional and mental support.

I aim to provide a fresh perspective on the challenges faced when someone we love is diagnosed with cancer. We often start by asking why it happened or what it means. Inevitably, our biology, lifestyle habits and emotional wellbeing all play a part. We have to make changes on many levels.

Q: What inspired you to write “A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love”?

My dad was diagnosed when I was 16 and it had a profound effect on my family. You stop taking people for granted. It puts things in perspective, but then there is also this tremendous loss of control. And so many factors to think about, so many questions. Why did it happen to us, etc.?

Then a couple years ago I discovered energy healing, psychology and meditation. It dawned on me that we, as a family, had barely scratched the surface when it came to healing and stress relief. My dad’s doctors were fantastic and we were very lucky to have them. But it wasn’t enough. I wrote this book because I wanted to share the techniques I learned during a two-year accreditation in Energy Healing. It’s about Healing as a complementary therapy to medical care.

Q: How much time per week do you spend writing/editing your work?

 Not enough!

 I tend to write in bursts and then I’ll go and do something else for a few weeks. When I’m in writing mode, I try to spend at least 15-20 hours a week on a particular project. Then I go back to reading, anything from historical fiction and sci-fi to spiritual healing books. Right now I am reading Fall of Giants & 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. It’s all part of the same process.

 And of course, my Diary of a Psychic Healer blog is always active. I spend a few hours every week blogging about energy healing, intuition and any classes or books that I have come across.

Q: If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

I would love to chat with Sonia Choquette, the author of Ask Your Guides. Her book was my introduction to healing, intuition and angels. Her career is also one that I would love to emulate. As far as fiction writers go, Jules Verne would be a fun person to talk to. His sense of adventure, travel and the unknown is gripping. Isabel Allende would round out the list. Her latest novel, Ripper, is next on my reading list. One of the characters is a Reiki practitioner, maybe that’s why!

Q: What are you working on at the moment?

I’m writing a memoir on my early days at the College of Psychic Studies. I discovered this school in 2009 when I first moved to London. The classes read like something out of a sci-fi novel: clairvoyant meditations, mediumship and energy healing. I was so nervous the first time I walked in the door, I got as far as the bulletin board and left. Eventually I signed up for a meditation class where we learned how to tune into remote locations clairvoyantly. It was unbelievable. The images that came to mind were familiar: my aunt’s kitchen, or the view from my elementary school. But when I described them to my classmates, it fit the place they had in mind too. I have been blogging about it ever since on Diary of a Psychic Healer. This book is the prequel to that.

The idea is to present intuition realistically as well. People expect psychics to have all of the answers, or to pretend they do. That’s not the way I have experienced it. Especially when it comes to clairvoyance. It’s like playing Pictionary, an image flashes through your mind and you have to figure out what it means. You also have to learn to trust your gut, to know when it’s real.

About The Book

Self-Healing, Cancer and Love - Cover JPEGTitle:  A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love

Author: Regina Chouza

Available on Amazon

Kindle Freebie Dates: 19-20 October 2014

It is human nature to ask ‘Why did this happen to me?’ Though there may be medical explanations for illnesses, a scientific answer will not help us make sense of the pain and suffering that comes with these experiences.”

This book provides a fresh perspective on the challenges faced when we or someone we love is diagnosed with cancer. We often start by asking why it happened and what it means. Inevitably our biology, lifestyle habits and emotional wellbeing all play a part. For true healing to occur, we need to make changes on many levels. The author goes on to explore Energy Healing as a friendly booster for tired souls, equipping the reader with simple tools that can be used daily to facilitate their personal healing journey. The pages turn quickly, infused with love, courage and optimism.

Author Bio

It all started in 2009, when Regina discovered the College of Psychic Studies in London. Could anyone learn to channel healing and shift his or her life in a new direction? Of course! Since then Regina has left a successful career in marketing to become a qualified Healer, Reiki Master and talk radio host. Her first book, “A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer and Love”, is available on Amazon worldwide.

Visit her blog at


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  1. Hi Cassidy! Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog. It’s a pleasure!

    I thought I’d add that the book is going to be listed at just $2.99 USD this month, if anyone would like to know more. Feel free to drop my Facebook page with questions on energy healing.

    Love and Light,


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