Author Interview with Tanille


Time for an interview! I’m interviewing Tanille today, author of YA thriller/romance “Cameo”. Enjoy the interview, everyone!

Q: Please tell us about yourself.

I like to do yoga. Lately I’ve been into nature walks for inspiration. I did one today and came home revved up for Broken part 2 – so crazy. I go back and forth between making music for my soundtracks and writing my drafts.

Q: Tell us about your book.

Cameo is like a fast paced teen thriller that I hope almost reads like a movie. There is a romance spin on it. The crazy thing is Nia has so much to learn yet she kind of thinks she knows it all. She starts to realize all the relationships in her life have something to teach her.

Q: What inspired you to write Cameo?

It was a spin off of a screenplay I wrote years ago. I love mysteries and thrillers. To this day when I am working at home I usually have a mystery playing on the television in the background. I like to check in and see how the story unfolds. I also like to added tension it brings to the page.

Q: How much time per week do you spend writing/editing your work?

About 4 days a week. I have to manage that with writing and recording music. It is getting easier.

Q: If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

Meg Cabot, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King

Q: What are you working on at the moment?

Broken Part 2

About Cameo

cameo_cover_1500Title: Cameo

Author: Tanille Edwards

Genre: YA thriller / romance

New Pop R & B Song “Baby Comeback to Me” by Tanille are included. Email us for your songs. Cameo by Tanille is your next sinful beach read. Be 17 again! This page turning who done it is packed with mystery, drama, and steam. Nia is a high school beauty who discovers she’s being stalked by someone in a secret underground society. Everyone is suspect. The pressure is mounting and problems are stacking up. Who is behind all of this? Which one of her friends is connected with this secret society? And why?

Author Bio

Tanille is the co-author and creator of the children’s green book series “Jordan & Justine’s Weekend Adventures.” She is also the author of the new media young adult novels with music “Cameo by Tanille,” and “Broken by Tanille.”

Th­e Undercover Starlet Journal is a title Tanille created to inspire young women and has extended Undercover Starlet into brand extensions that appear throughout her novels.

Tanille has been writing music and books since age 16. She earned an MBA at 21 and graduated magna cum laude.

Readers of her latest young adult romance novel “Broken by Tanille” get free music downloads of her new Pop R&B hits “All of Me,” “Feel It,” “Baby Comeback to Me,” “It’s Not Okay,” and “What’s a Girl to Do” all written, performed and co-produced by Tanille.

Links Cameo eBook: Tanille Edwards: Kindle Store

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1 Response to Author Interview with Tanille

  1. Thanks so much for a fun interview and all the Cameo love. xoxo Tanille

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