Book Excerpt from Rocket Ship


RS_FrontCover_8_5_v3_AZTitle: Rocket Ship

Author: C.O.B.

Genre: YA Fantasy

Lincoln and Gary are best friends planning a simple trip to the night rock in the sky. However, they quickly find out that “easier said than done” is far more than just an outdated adage; it is a reality, for the dreamers face obstacle after obstacle in trying to gather the materials they need to build their ship. Not only that, but when their plan is discovered, their two-man field trip becomes much more than that. Now, the captain and the general will have to lead a rescue mission, one of far greater importance than they ever imagined. What would you do? Save only yourself or risk it all to save the lives of others as well as your own?

Rocket Ship is the miraculous, thrilling story of two friends, a tale of two hopefuls, two dreamers, two rescuers and the extremes they go through to save one another and others like them, before the world they live in destroys them all.

Author Bio

Rocket Ship is C.O.B.’s first young adult novel, but his third book overall. His first book, Hope(less), was a literary fiction about the journey a young couple endures for love. C.O.B.’s second book was a collection of works that included poems, short stories, and even a heartwarming tale told via screenplay.




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Book Excerpt

Fully armored and protected, Crystal Tiffany is ready, a warrior. She runs. She looks behind her as urgency and concern grows on her face. She looks forward, digs deep within for a bit more energy, and finds it in desperation to continue running with haste.

Suddenly, a sparkling white horse, a stallion, gallops from behind, racing up to the warrior’s right. Crystal Tiffany extends her right hand and grabs hold of the horse’s long, flowing mane. She pulls herself up, mounting the creature with ease, strength, and rhythm. “Faster!” she yells. “I need you to go faster!!”

The sparkling white stallion obeys and begins galloping even harder, going even faster.

She then snaps her right arm behind her back, and more stars crystallize. Crystal Tiffany removes a sword from its sheath. The star-formed handle is golden, but the blade consists of the brightest stars in existence; it is white, like a strike of lightning. Crystal Tiffany lifts her right arm higher and higher. She then swings the arm down, slashing her sword across its back. A shrill scream fills the sky, and something golden and glowing falls from its grasp. The stallion gallops past it. The warrior pulls back on her stallion’s mane, forcing him to turn around. She hops off the horse and screams. She screams and yells again, as loud as she can. She must let it know she is here, that she is not afraid, so she emits her most vicious war cry. She was not running; no, Crystal Tiffany was giving chase.

She chases the giant, the monster, the entity, the beast comprised entirely of dark matter—the darkness of the sky, the evil of the Earth caused by all the wrongdoing, that which oozes up from the surface of the decrepit planet and creates acid rain that destroys all beneath it. This dark matter, the giant menace, has eyes that swirl inward, a vortex of a black hole. Its pupils glow, two twinkles, as if there once existed a light of hope and goodness there; clearly, that light was sucked inside the wickedness and now just falls and keeps falling endlessly, a reminder of the hollowness it created, the hollowness it is. The monster’s eyes are hypnotic, however; if anyone stares into those eyes in fear, that one’s soul will be devoured. Above those eyes are thick, charcoal-gray brows that flow upward, the stuff of smog and smugness.

The beast looks backward in search of the object it dropped, then quickly glances forward and lets out a deafening, horrific growl at Crystal Tiffany. It bears its black mouth, flaunting its ominous, jagged, metallic teeth. The animal then flashes the talons that make up his hands: sharpened, long, metallic claws instead of fingers, so deadly sharp and glowing silver.

They charge, running toward one another at the speed of vengeance.

“I’m not afraid of you!” Crystal Tiffany screams as she runs.

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