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I’m interviewing David Scott today, author of self-help /personal growth / literary fiction “The Longest Distance”.

Please tell us about yourself.

I was born in the US, and raised in the world. Ever since I was a little boy, I knew there was an explorer in me, one who was destined to traverse the globe (and have a best friend everywhere). I have spent my entire life living my childhood vision. I am perhaps best known for my work in education, building and stewarding large scale schools systems around the world. Everything I have experienced, both personally and professionally, has found its genesis in the relationship – between myself and another, myself with myself, or me with something higher, greater. As with the main character in The Longest Distance, Jeremy Braddock, I have been in constant search of let’s just call it ‘a greater version of me.’ And I have not been disappointed with what lies at the end of that sacred journey, the treasure hunt for the elusive.

Tell us about your book.

The book wrote itself, with me simply a co-creator and beneficiary of the process in its unfolding. I began it in Bogota, completed the first draft in Paris, and, with the help of my editor, polished it into its current form while living in China. The book was a co-creative process with something deeper inside me. It is the story of one man’s search for the answer to ‘our questions’ – about love, life, truth. Jeremy Braddock is shaken and awakened to a new course, a new path in Chapter 1. As is so often the case, however, there exists a great distance between the course we set upon and the experiences required to truly awaken to that which is our destiny – the jewel within. The main character finds himself in a new part of the world in every chapter, gathering clues, collecting the pieces that when woven together provide perhaps the tapestry of a greater knowing, a greater understanding. It is the story of one man’s search for Truth. And with the timely assistance of a host of ‘masters’ along the way, and the guidance provided us all from within, Jeremy Braddock may just get there – discover the ‘one thing’ he came here to know.

What inspired you to write The Longest Distance? 

The Source from within inspired me to write TLD, as it has provided inspiration for so much of what makes me Me. I say this not as someone who floats continuously in the ethereal, but as a quite grounded man who has been blessed with accomplishments in the world in this lifetime. I am quite practical in the ways I go about the world, but have opened up along the way to that which provides for, let’s just call it a more graceful path. My meditations and contemplations have opened up a portal, an awakening of sorts, and I try each day to live in accord, in harmony with what one could call my spiritual heart.

How much time per week do you spend writing / editing your work? 

My time demands are split between my work in the field of education and my work as an author. When I am in my writing process, I would wake up each morning and devote perhaps 4-6 hours per day in the creative zone, and maybe another hour or two in clean up. Due to the nature, the origin of the writing itself, it requires of me that I tap into that special place before anything of value can make its way from source to voice – in this case, to paper. There are days when it just flows so naturally, so gracefully. And there are days when it is best I step back, trust in the process, and re-visit the writing when I have entered that place again. Learning how to let go of what the mind wants to do, and allow the heart to lead, has been critical in the evolution of my writing process – my living process, as well.

If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

Paulo Coelho would be one. I love his work, the way he tells his story in seemingly such a simple way, yet is entirely effective in delivering ‘the message.’ Another would be Shakespeare. Witty, clever, one who could spin a tale in such a manner it has taken centuries to make greater sense of it, he is a true master of the word, wrought with meanings to be uncovered by peeling back the layers. Finally — if I had to pick only three — I would love to meet Rumi. He was not a writer per se, but his creation in the form of what I consider the most brilliant mystical love poetry and prose moves me with each note upon paper. It beckons me to discover further the Love within the love that he captures with such grace.


What are you working on at the moment? 

I am working on a trilogy, the details of which I cannot share at the moment. What I can reveal is that the first book in the trilogy takes us back to an ancient civilization, through reflection; one that made a similar set of choices and experienced a fate for such that is eerily familiar to the current race of humanity. The second book proposes a consequence of current times. The final in the trilogy a presumption of what lies ahead. Of course, there are masters interwoven in this series, as with TLD. It is messaging, revealing. It speaks to the importance of the relationship, how we all form mirrors, windows for one another. And of a Source greater than us that awaits our more awakened state. But this time I am writing in third person, so as to further develop the other characters, their thoughts, and understanding of them. The story, once completed, will be something of a Lord of the Rings meets the superheroes, just with more Light, greater depth.


About The Longest Distance

The Longest Distance 215Title: The Longest Distance

Author: David Scott

Genre: Spirituality, Self-Help, Inspiration and Personal Growth, Literary Fiction

Part love story, part adventure mystery, part travel guide for the soul, The Longest Distance is a meditation in traveling from our heads to our hearts, and an awakening to what lies within.

Shaken by tragedy in the wilds of Africa, Jeremy Braddock sets off in search of the answers to our questions about life, truth, and the all-too-trying-yet-wonderful emotion of love. From Kenya to Costa Rica – and a host of other venues along the way – the protagonist takes us on a rollercoaster ride and riveting journey that reveals to us the masters, the maniacal beauty of this planet, and the greatest mystery of all––the ‘one thing’ we came here to know. As with life itself, he is not alone in this adventure, with the many supporting characters providing him with mirrored reflections of love in its varied forms, and a windowed view into his soul. Armed with his wit, his will, and an ample dose of healthy humility, our vigilant warrior attempts to summon within himself the courage we must all find to see the face of Truth, and walk the path of a higher Love.

The Longest Distance evokes deeper contemplation à la Eat, Pray, Love with a level of discourse and discovery that will resonate with those who have been touched by the writings of Paulo Coehlo and Neale Donald Walsch. Interwoven within the tapestry of the novel and in between each storied tale is an uplifting dialogue with Jeremy’s higher self — the Friend that points the way. What adds to TLD’s universal appeal is the inspirational guest appearances of a myriad of Masters – from poets to statesmen to those of the cloth – along with each chapter’s unveiling of a key ‘quality’ that, when pieced together, helps to reveal the greater picture at hand — the Love within the love that beckons us home.

The Longest Distance is a sleuth of spirit and treasure hunt of the heart that awakens our soul and provides yet another clue for the curious, a jewel for the romanticist in us all.

Author Bio

David Scott D150_1David Scott was born in the United States, and raised in the world. He currently resides in Singapore, but remains deeply connected to the passion that is Paris, the power shift that finds its new home in Asia, and the movement to co-create and cooperate that had its genesis for him in America; its inspiration both within and throughout.

David has spent his career in the field of education, his life in the field of service. He is perhaps best known for his contributions as an accomplished entrepreneur, investor and leader in education, establishing and stewarding innovative school systems of size and scope in North America, the Middle East and Pacific Asia. He has played both visionary leader and humble student, with each measure of the world his teacher. David’s work in education and support of the life sciences has provided hope for a more advanced, equitable and sustainable means to greater health and life for those he has been privileged in knowing.

 The central theme of both his scholarship as an educationist and his work as an author is the delicate but essential role of relationships. David’s travels have provided a cross-cultural perspective on relationships of a human nature. His discovery of the inner worlds through meditation and study of various teachings has offered a glimpse into the power of the possible that resides within. It is this he seeks to help unveil in all through education and transformative writing.

With a poetic note and romantic view to the worlds available to us all, David Scott’s writing explores relationships of a higher nature, with a particular emphasis on the Masters and their timely messages. His novel The Longest Distance has been called a meditation from the head to the heart, and an awakening to what lies within. It serves as a pathway to the eternal that is ours to claim.

David may be recognized in the world for his contributions to education. Yet, he remains humbled by the many lessons—the gifts—the world has bestowed upon him as his teacher.

He now remains at your service as an author.


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