Character Interview for book tour for Earth Cell


Character interview time! I was lucky to interview one of the characters of science-fiction book “Earth Cell”. This is definitely an interesting character, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy the interview – I certainly had a blast.

1) What’s your name?

I am Dominess G’thol Saawth, leader of Clan Darkfist! I will lead the Qrill to victory in our war against the hated League of Cells and their pet sisters of the Witches Guild.

2) Where are you from?

My birthden is south of Qryven, our capital city on Qyrtten. I am the eldest of my six siblings, all fellow warriors like myself. But I rule supreme among my clan.

3) Can you tell us about your family?

I come from a family of warriors! We of Clan Darkfist show no mercy, spare no opposition, and conquer all who stand in our way! Even my birth father, a member of the middling merchant class, has blood on his claws! Recognizing my prominence, my bloodsisters stand behind me. Our rise to prominence is assured.

4) What do you do for a living?

I conquer! The war was brought to me and mine. We did not begin this conflict, but I swear by my claws we will finish it! The League of Cells and the Witches Guild will pay for leaving so many worlds in darkness following the Pheelm Chaos! We have been ignored for too long! We shall have our revenge! Soon the overweb will tremble at the sound of our approach!

5) Do you have any hobbies?

I entertain myself by abusing my captured pets. They serve to satisfy me. Even without injecting them with my blood curse, they fall to their knees in obedience. My most recent pet, the overweb’s reported last Raptori, is a remarkable find. A bite to his lip has pacified him. He obeys me even as he resists. And his healing ability allows me to shred him night after night. I shall enjoy his suffering for a long, long time. And I shall make him suffer! The fool had the audacity to threaten me even as I took his cell as my own, his planet as my own. Making him suffer will be my new hobby.

6) Do you have any pets?

My captives are my pets. I do with them as I please. When they die, I find more. It pleases me when they try to resist, try to fight the blood curse I inject with my fangs. No one has ever escaped, and none ever shall. Qrill dominance is on the rise and undeniable. With each victory I find pets that resist ever harder. It is always such a pleasure to see them fail.

7) How old are you?

I am in my sixth decade of life- young for my accomplishments. And when I rise to higher prominence, I shall be the youngest to demonstrate such ruthlessness and tenacity. Soon all of Qyrtten will bow before my rule. Once I have this Earth under my domination, I will lead my armies into the heart of the overweb itself.

8) What challenges do you face?

Challenges! Always challenges! My main foe for domination, Dominess Grinvid of Clan Whiteclaw, has been cast down for her failure with the Kerrid, but still she seeks to subvert my efforts, sabotage my domination. She even has her claws in my eldest kit, Seveew! Soon I shall have to strike her down once and for all. Beyond her, others seeking higher status attempt to befriend me, only to strike when my back is turned! I must be watchful at all times. I trust very few, but their loyalty is well rewarded.


Earth Cell

Earth_Cell_cover_frontTitle: Earth Cell: The Ux-Blood Trillogy (Book One)

Author: Charles Brass

Genre: Science Fiction

For centuries, the League of Cells and the Witches Guild have worked together to maintain order and stability across the overweb’s countless worlds.

Walking the pash of a warden for the League of Cells requires dedication, sacrifice, and devotion, as young Maels Raptori, the last of his kind, has learned. But he’s embraced these hardships, for serving as a warden represents the highest honor one might achieve in his lifetime. For six years under the tutelage of his adopted father and the wardens of Earth Cell, he has prepared to fulfill this dream.

When a powerful intruder nearly seizes control of Earth Cell, Maels is tested beyond anything he has experienced. He finds the strength to defeat the invader, but his trials have only begun. Chaos is spreading across the overweb, engulfing all who stand in its way. The conflict soon breaches Earth Cell. Alone on a world of violence, at the mercy of ruthless captors, Maels discovers his years of dedication and devotion may not be enough. To save Earth, he may be called upon to male the ultimate sacrifice…


Author Bio

03-4x5-300dpi-ColorCharles Brass works as a CT/MRI technologist in a new stand-alone 24-hour emergency clinic in a small town south of where he lives, some thirty miles west of Minnesota’s Twin Cities. During his six years of active duty service in the United States Navy, he served five months in Bahrain during the first Gulf War. Now, with a BS in Animation under his belt, he has visions of a successful patient education video business filling his days while CT and MRI scans on sick and injured people visiting the local Emergency Center fills his nights.

For more information, visit his blog at or his Author Information page at http://clear­ Additionally, he can be reached via email at

Charles plans to devote time to a few shorter works that have been brewing in his brain juices for some time, then resume writing novels. He expects to publish his next novel by the end of 2015.



This book is available in softcover and Kindle formats at



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