Author Interview with R.J. Blain


Woohoo! Release day party time. This time it’s the release of an urban / paranormal fantasy novel entitled “Inquisitor”. The cover looks amazing, and the book sounds great as well.

What are you waiting for? Get your copy of the book today on Amazon!

And now, enjoy the interview with author R.J. Blain.

Author Interview

1) Please tell us about yourself.

Hi! I’m RJ, but my real-life friends often call me Becna. Yes—like Vecna but with a B. We were playing the return of Vecna (an advanced dungeons and dragons story) and the DM thought it was wise to start a game of telephone with me. Yeah. That didn’t work so well. Hilarity ensued, and it was generally determined that Vecna had nothing against the evil powers of Becna.

It stuck. And for some reason, people on the internet have taken to calling me that sometimes… I wonder why?!

I have a twisted sense of humor to say the least.

As a side note, I’m seriously addicted to moleskine journals. When one of my journals was defective (ballpoint pens wouldn’t work on it!!) I went out and bought new pens so I could use it… I got nice felt tip ones. Most of my novels are written in moleskine journals, although I have been collecting journals of other brands and types for years. I love bound paper. Books, journals… you name it, I love it.
2) Tell us about your book.

Inquisitor is the story of a really old werewolf who has survived despite the efforts of the Inquisition. But when Allison is accused of a murder she didn’t commit, things go to hell and fast. On the run, she must figure out who the real killer is before she—or those around her—are next on the hit list.
3) What inspired you to write Inquisitor?

I… like thrillers. I like mysteries, too. I like thriller mysteries. I like fantasy. I had one of those light bulb moments where I decided to merge all three. I like werewolves too, but I’m not a fan of how they’re often portrayed.

So I decided to write. Inquisitor was the result. Like many of my books, I went down the rabbit hole of a ‘what if…?’ question.
4) How much time per week do you spend writing / editing your work?

I try to put in at least six hours of serious writing/editing time. I’m a developmental editor, so I have to split my time between my clients and my novels. If I don’t have client work, I’ve been known to work up to sixteen hours a day on my novels.

Generally, I work six days a week too.

I’m just glad I love what I do, or I’d be insane!
5) If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

I’ve already met two of the authors on my bucket list! Brandon Sanderson and Mercedes Lackey are second and third on my list right now. I absolutely adored Sanderson’s Elantris—I own several copies, one of which is signed. He’s an insanely friendly guy too. Mercedes Lackey is on the list because she was one of the ones who inspired me to read and write. She’s also very friendly as well!

The author I’d love to meet that I haven’t yet is Jim Butcher. I love The Dresden Files, and I felt like I’d lost my best friend when Codex Alera ended.
6) What are you working on at the moment?

I have too many projects in various stages of completion, and the first of my editors is already beating me for more words. Fortunately for me, she usually uses a feather duster instead of a whip, but I’m keenly aware of the fact I’m a bit behind schedule.

I’m supposed to release my first YA fantasy novel, City of Clocks sometime this year, along with the second book of both of my fantasy series. (Storm Surge is the second book of Requiem for the Rift King and Royal Slaves is the second book of The Fall of Erelith.)

I also have the second novel of Witch & Wolf in the works—and the third novel. And a standalone fantasy.

I don’t have enough hours in the day.

About Inquisitor

Inquisitor - RJ BlainTitle: Inquisitor

Author: R.J. Blain

Genre: Urban / Paranormal Fantasy

When Allison is asked to play Cinderella-turned-Fiancee at a Halloween ball, the last thing she expected was to be accused of murder on the same night. She has to find the killer and quick, or she’ll be put to death for the crimes she didn’t commit. To make matters worse, the victims are all werewolves.

On the short list of potential victims, Allison has to act fast, or the killer will have one more body to add to his little black book of corpses.

There’s only one problem: One of the deaths has struck too close to home, and Allison’s desire for self-preservation may very well transform into a quest for vengeance…





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