Book Excerpt from Surviving


I’m hosting a snippet today from a romantic suspense novel. Since I’m currently writing a romantic suspense novel myself, it’s been my favorite genre to read as of late. Based on this snippet, this one, “Surviving”, sounds like a great read!

Book Excerpt

I whipped my eyes to his once again. I could feel the storm clouds behind my eyes. I didn’t want to be told what to do. I wanted to challenge him but I could see the firmness in his eyes as well. I didn’t need a confrontation at a time like this, or did I? Maybe if I just let it rip he would understand everything. My heart started racing at the thought that I could argue with him. I wanted to argue with him. I needed to argue with him.

“Excuse me?” I stated in a firm, but low voice. There was no way he could mistake the ice in my voice.

“You heard me,” he said looking me dead in the eyes, not wavering. My blood was about to boil over, it was on the tip of the edge, only needing a breath to push it over.

“You have no right.” I hissed.

“I have every right.” He came back.

“Believe me, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You may think you do, but you don’t.” I shook my head, my voice firm. “I will not be run over by some asshole who wants to control my every move. I don’t roll like that.” I could feel the tension in my body. I could feel the tension in the air. Oddly, I liked the tension. It was good tension. It was nothing like the tension I felt at home growing up. I knew I wouldn’t get half beaten or worse, watch my mother and father beat each other all the while praying they wouldn’t start on me. Again.

As I stood there. I zoned out. I didn’t hear a word Landon said back to me. Was he speaking? His mouth was moving. Why was my brain not functioning? I knew why. I could hear it. I could see it. I could feel it. My body winced at each blow my mind conjured up. My body tightened in response to each attack my mind remembered. A few memories plagued me. I had never recalled them before. Why were they surfacing now? Were they memories or a dream?

I squeezed my eyes shut as I felt the blow across my cheek. I tried to shut out the shouting, telling me to go fuck myself, I could never do anything right. I would never amount to anything. No one would ever love me. Words were the worst. I covered my ears. I couldn’t help but recall the event of my mom asking me why I never did anything she ever asked me to do. I didn’t know why she asked me that. I always did everything she told me, she never asked anything, it was always a command. No matter how I tensed, how I tried to shield myself, the blows came, over and over. I could feel the swift kick to my ribs, hard enough to hurt for days, but not enough to break or fracture. He was always careful, only leaving marks where clothing would cover. My mom was the one who did the slapping. That wasn’t Herald’s style. Herald was cold and calculated. Mom was in the moment. I dropped my body to the floor, curling up into a ball. My mind chanted over and over a prayer to the Lord. He would save me from this hellhole. I knew he would, in his time, in his way, he would do it.

Some kids might stop believing in God, but I held on to dear life. I had to believe in something. Bad things happened to good people. I was a good kid wasn’t I? If I held on, I would be rewarded.

I couldn’t help the prayer slipping out of my mouth, “Dear Lord, please dear Lord. Please,” I whispered over and over.


SurvivingTitle: Surviving

Author: J.L. Sprague

Genre: Romance / Suspense

Living in a world where there are only lows and never highs, Jenna’s memory has trained itself to forget. Forgetting the bad was never a problem for Jenna until she forgets the one memory she never should have forgotten.

Landon has never forgotten, even when he desperately wishes he could. She haunts him. By chance they meet again but Jenna still does not remember Landon. What Landon doesn’t know is that Jenna has secrets. Secrets that change everything.

Their love for one another is the only thing that can heal years of abuse – for both of them.

When tragedy strikes memories are triggered and Jenna’s whole world changes.

Can Landon help Jenna survive at the hands of a madman?

Author Bio

J.L. Sprague loves dark chocolate covered almonds and her life is pretty much one big dark chocolate covered almond, sweet on the outside and crunchy goodness on the inside. Family takes up the biggest portion of her day and book boyfriends take up the other portion. If she can’t find a good book boyfriend, then she just creates one and the writing portion of her day begins.

Outside of family, reading, writing and eating dark chocolate covered almonds, J.L. Sprague loves music and the outdoors. She studied Music Education in college, then changed her mind after three very long years to study Criminal Justice. Finally, after studying and studying she realized that reading and writing were more her forte. After starting her family with her crazy, supportive husband, she started doing what she loved, writing.

SURVIVING is J.L. Sprague’s first novel but it’s not her last. She has some very interesting ideas that you may love or hate. Whether you love or hate her stories, through all the twists and turns, there will always be a happily ever after.


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