Author Interview with Grigory Ryzhakov


I’m hosting an interview with Grigory Ryzhakov, author of science-fiction techno-thriller “Made in Bionia”. Enjoy!

Author Interview

1)    Please tell us about yourself.

I am molecular biologist born and raised in Siberia. Ten years ago I moved to the UK to continue doing biological research focusing on human immunity. While doing a doctorate at Cambridge I started composing music and writing fiction in my free time. I found these hobbies greatly stimulated my scientific work. So, in addition to publishing my discoveries in biomedical journals, I now have a creative output in the form of books and songs. Science is a treat for my brain, music – for my soul, and the books – for both.

2) Tell us about your book.

Made In Bionia is the first part of the William Carrot trilogy. It is a spiritual Odyssey of a man who wants to re-discover himself. It turns out that he’s the biggest threat the world has ever known and, at the same time, a wonderful gift to humanity.


3) What inspired you to write Made in Bionia?

A sheer literary ambition. I find a lot of modern literature is either entertainment (genre fiction) or an experiment in form (postmodernist literary fiction). I think literature’s main task is to reflect on changes our civilisation is going through and propose bold ideas to the mankind. So, I decided to write this trilogy in order to get a glimpse of our future, to create in a way The Divine Comedy of the XXIst century, only more accessible, grotesque and quirky.


4) How many hours do you write per week?

I don’t write regularly. Mostly, it is blogs, e-mails, scientific writing. I write fiction only during vacation and weekends. I tend to allocate at least three hours for writing at a time, with no disruption, because I need to be fully in the story’s world. Sometimes I write the whole day, sometimes I don’t write for two weeks. I don’t like the one hour a day or 1000 words a day style. Another reason for my irregular writing is that I like doing research for my writing quite spontaneously. I can be typing the middle of the scene and suddenly decide that I need more information for the story.



5) If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

Jack London, Oscar Wilde and Richard Yates, because they are fantastic story-tellers and the kinds of writers that make me want to achieve great things. But you know – I have met them, when I read their works, I feel like I’ve conversed with them.


 6) What are you working on at the moment?

Mulling over the second instalment of my thrillogy. In Made In Bionia, Welka, my protagonist’s love interest, took a good care of William. Now, the real trouble is coming, and this time William has to face it by himself. The Sleeping Beauty trick works just once.

Made in Bionia

MADE IN BIONIA BOOK COVER MOCK UP web 2Title: Made in Bionia

Author: Grigory Ryzhakov

Genre: Science Fiction, Satirical Techno-Thriller

Official release date: 14.04.2014

Length in print: 252 pages

Published by Flower Book

Kindle regular price : $3.99; Paperback – $11.99

Book Blurb:
Why does Rasa A, the world’s most secret society, want William Carrot dead? And who is William Carrot? He has to figure this out before it’s too late.
In a world very much like ours, the Third Great War is over and the ocean is dying. Scientists in the country of Bionia invent a new technology to stop an ecological catastrophe. Can William get it before it is seized and destroyed by terrorists? With love, betrayal and marine virology standing in his way, it will be hard to call, especially when his own life is at stake.
A novel in the best traditions of science fiction, Made In Bionia has it all: love, mystery, cutting edge science and alternate history.
Your journey begins in Bionia.

Author Bio

Grigory (a.k.a Grisha) Ryzhakov grew up in the Siberian Far East, bathing in the icy waters of Seas of Okhotsk and Japan and playing hide-and-seek in the snowdrifts that carpeted his native Sakhalin Island. He later travelled thousands of miles to vibrant London, on the way collecting his MSc degree in biochemistry at Moscow State and PhD in molecular biology at Cambridge University. Meanwhile, Grigory has been ceaselessly creating poems, songs and prose until eventually he wrote his debut novel “Mr Right & Mr Wrong”. “Usher Syndrome” was his first published story, also adapted for the stage and performed at London’s Barons Court Theatre in 2010.


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