Author Interview with Jes Young


I’m interviewing Jes Young, author of paranormal romance “The Uncovering”. This book sounds amazing, and I absolutely love the cover, so I’m pleased to have Jes on my blog today.

Please tell us about yourself.

Me? I’m just your average full time working, book writing, kid wrangling, dog walking, cupcake loving mother of two. Recently my boyfriend called me to a sneaky ninja recently, which I liked. I may have some business cards printer up. You know like “Jes Young, Writer & Sneaky Ninja”

(But seriously, why is this is the hardest question in the world to answer?)

Tell us about your book.

This is so much easier! My book, in a nutshell, is about a woman who discovers that she is an Elvish princess and the key to ending a centuries old war between the Light and Dark elves. It’s part adventure, part romance, and part coming of age story. Also, there are some pretty funny parts too.

What inspired you to write The Uncovering?

I was working on something much heavier and darker about a pair of sisters who hate each other and it was depressing the life out of me. Both characters were jerks in their own way and I was tired of them. Then one night I was reading the Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris and it occurred to me that Ms. Harris probably had fun when she was writing. Her characters were fun. Her books were fun. I wanted to have fun too. And so Tab was born. And mostly, it’s been really fun getting to know her.

How much time per week do you spend writing/editing?

On average, I’d say I write about 20 hours per week. That said, I have two children (ages 5 & 8) and a dog so schedules are subject to wild variation or complete cancellation without notice. Some weeks I write a lot and some weeks I’m happy to have gotten one coherent paragraph on the page.

If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

Definitely Walt Whitman. Through Leaves of Grass I’ve gotten this picture of him as a person who loved people and being alive in all its messy, delicious complexity. He strikes me as someone with whom one could get fantastically drunk, eat a rich meal, and talk about sex all night. There’s something very appealing to me about people who live passionately. I’d also like to meet EL James, author of the 50 Shades of Grey books, so I could rub her belly or kiss her nose or whatever one would have to do to get some of her good luck to rub off on me. And Alice Walker so I could thank her for writing The Color Purple.

What are you working on at the moment?

In addition to the final book in the Twilight & Dawn series, I’m also kicking around ideas for what to do next. I do that by writing short (very short) stories and seeing which one feels like it’s got the most story behind it.


The Uncovering

TheUncovering smallerTitle: The Uncovering

Author: Jes Young

Genre: Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy

“Tab Bennett is normal — unusually, excessively normal. Her job as a bank teller is safe and secure, her grandfather finally let her move out of the house (at least to the cottage at the end of the driveway), and her fiancé fiercely guards her chastity, whether she wants him to or not.

It’s something of a shock, then, when Tab learns that she is the elvish queen of the fabled kingdom of the Inbetween. Also shocking is the appearance of the staggeringly confident and gorgeous elvish warrior who claims to be Tab’s true betrothed. Even amidst a steamy love triangle, Tab must tell friend from foe in an unknown world of danger, deceit, magic, and sex.

The first in the Underneath and Inbetween trilogy, The Uncovering sparkles with wit and unadulterated fun.”

Author Bio

Jes Young Author PhotoJes Young holds a BFA in creative writing from Emerson College.  She writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal romance because, in spite of a complete lack of supporting evidence, Jes still believes in fairy tales, happy endings, and true love.



Purchase links:

Print copy ISBN 978-1-84982-239-8: link:


Barnes and Noble:

Chapters Indigo:



Ebook copy ISBN 978-1-84982-289-3: link:


Barnes and Noble:




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