Author Interview with Krissy Bells


I’m interviewing Krissy Bells, author of YA novel “A Special Love”. Welcome to my blog, Krissy!

1)Please tell us about yourself.

I’d love to! I’m in my early thirties and a new mom. I love spending time with my family, listening to music, dancing, laughing, and of course, writing. I recently discovered a passion for Zumba, I look like a total idiot doing it, but I have the best time. When I feel like I’m about to die, I glance around at all the people there that are much older than me, and it motivates me to keep going. I can’t workout at home because I end up just sitting on my couch eating snacks!

2)Tell us about your book.

It is YA Contemporary, revolving around a family dealing with autism. I’d also say it has a little bit of a love story thrown in. I hope it is a depiction of acceptance and love.

3) What inspired you to write A Special Love?

The story of, A Special Love, began to form in my mind when I was lucky enough in life, to stumble upon a job at a school for special needs students. While working there I spent my days laughing, smiling, and crying too. I fell in love with not only the students but their families as well. I recently left my position after having a baby, to be a stay-at-home mom. At that time, a family member began publishing and inspired my decision to actually start writing. I had always wanted to focus on young adult/teen stories, and missing the students I had grown so attached to, I continued to develop the story of a family with an autistic son, and their relationships.

4)How many hours per week do you spend writing?

Being a stay-at-home mom, I usually have to sneak it in during nap times. I try to at least get some time every day, even if it’s only fifteen minutes here or there. Most of the time, as with this story, I started by typing it in my iphone, and emailing it to myself. A few hours a week, is a success for me.

5)If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

J.K. Rowling for sure. A.V.I., The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle was the first book I fell in love with. Then Stephen Cosgrove, he writes children’s books that I had as a kid. I bought them for my daughter and I’m obsessed with them. They all have a moral and great illustrations, I think I read them more for me than her!

6)What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on the edits for my second book. I’m hoping to release it in the beginning of May, I can’t wait to get it out!

A Special Love

ASL CoverTitle: A Special Love
Author: Krissy Bells
Genre: YA

When Robert Adler and Meredith Conrad fall in love, all that is left for them to do is prepare to live a fairy-tale life. With the blessing of their second child, a son named Michael, everything they have always dreamed of begins to become a reality. But his autism diagnosis is something they never anticipated. The struggle they face after the diagnosis puts a strain on their family that begins to tear them apart. Years later, Michael begins high school, and the true love his older sister Ann Marie finds there helps bring her insight and appreciation of Michael’s unique gifts and identity. It might be just what is needed to put their family back together.

Author Bio

authorspecialloveKrissy Bells was born and raised in the Detroit metro area. A former school secretary, she now spends her days as a stay-at-home mom. She is passionate about her family and friends, her Dachshund named Harry, and anything topped with cheese or chocolate. Krissy can be contacted at Thank you for reading!



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