Book Review The Stable Boy

coverfrontTitle: The Stable Boy

Author: Harmony Stalter

Genre: Romance

Claire is a 40 year old widowed farm owner. She lost her husband in a terrible freak accident. In a constant state of depression for the past two years, her farm is failing. She barely has enough money to survive and her last farmhand just left to follow his new wife’s dreams. She is all alone, until he walks into her life. She knows she needs the help, but does she want his help? Can she resist his good looks, charm, and flirting or will she give into temptation and open her heart and bed to him?

Claire lost her husband in a freak accident, and ever since, she’s suffered from depression. Since her husband was usually the one to take care of the farm, Claire knows little about farm life, and struggles to keep her head above water.

Josh lost everyone who ever mattered to him, and besides his truck and the clothes on his back, he pretty much has nothing else. He makes some cash helping out at farms, and when he walks into Claire’s life, he’s like an angel send down from heaven to help her.

It’s all about second chances, and about making most of life, when life has continuously let you down. It’s an inspiring read, with lovely characters and a deep relationship between both of them. This isn’t the young, hot, dazzling romance you get in most contemporary romance books – this goes much deeper. Two broken people learn how to heal each other.


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