Book Review Community Service

Community Service FrontTitle: Community Service

Author: Dakota Madison

Genre: Contemporary Romance

As Maggie Mitchell enters her final semester of college, the last thing she wants is a guy in her life, let alone two of them.

Her new lab partner, Sawyer Reed, is still the overconfident and sexy jock that made fun of her in high school. The only thing that has changed is that he now uses a wheelchair, the result of a skiing accident.

Jude Marino is a hot actor who all the girls want and would do anything to get. He works at a local theater where Maggie has been assigned to complete community services hours after rear-ending a police car.

Both Sawyer and Jude want Maggie but only one of them will be able to capture her heart.

Some time ago, I read and reviewed two books by Dakota Madison, Fire on Ice and The Playmaker. I enjoyed both books, so when I saw a book tour pop up for another book by the same author, “Community Service”, I had to give it a shot.

To my surprise, I liked this book even more than the previous two I read by the same author. Community Service offers a love triangle, one of my guilty pleasures. Maggie Mitchell enters her final semester of college, and finds out her new lab partner is none other than Sawyer Reed, a boy she had a crush on in high school. But Sawyer is far different from the boy she fell in love with – he’s now stuck in a wheelchair.

But after a car accident, she’s assigned community service at the local theatre, where she meets Jude Marino, a dazzlingly handsome actor who gets everything he wants. Now he has his eyes set on Maggie. The games are on, and only one of them will succeed in winning Maggie’s heart.

Great characters, awesome writing, lovely plot. This would make a great romantic movie, with two guys fighting over the same girl. Sawyer was my favorite though. 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting me on your website! I’m glad you enjoyed the book!

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