Book Excerpt from Finding Fire


Here’s an excerpt from supernatural novel “Finding Fire” for your entertainment. Enjoy!

Book Excerpt

“Who are you, why are you dancing in my water?”

                “Your water child? You may be making it dance, but the water is not yours.”

                “Who are you?”

                “To you, I am many things, to your family I am one of your Great Grandfathers with many many greats added on.”

                “What do you mean? I can’t even really see you, I am just talking to a shadow. Can you come closer?”

                “I may frighten you, are you sure?”

                “I am, please come closer.” As he came closer I could make out more water, like part of him is made of water, it flows continuously over him and reshapes him. Like he doesn’t have a set form at all, “You do not seem to be frightened that is good.”

                “What are you? I don’t get it, I don’t understand.”

“Of course you understand child. You are figuring it out no matter how much it may frighten you.”

                “You can’t be, it is impossible.”

                “Child, you know it is possible, after everything you have discovered about yourself you think I am impossible?”

                “Your him? Really?”

                “I am him, I am the all powerful lord of water. The one who gifted you with part of your powers. But to make things easier you may call me Nereus.”

                “Nereus that is the name Halaina had in her journal.”

                “I have many names, but that is what you may call me as she did.”

                “Ok, um why are you here?”

                “We admit it is unusual to do something like this, but we feel it is time.”

                “What do you me We?”

                “Me and the others, the Lord of Fire, Wind and Earth. You are going to need our help child, and we have decided to give it.”

                “What on a whim? Why haven’t you helped anyone before? Maybe I wouldn’t need your help if you had stepped in and helped before!” Ok Kenna yelling at an elemental is probably not the greatest idea you have ever had.

                “Remember who you speak to child, we do not do things on a whim, there is timing in everything we do! You do not question us!”

                Yep, I was right, do not yell at Nereus! “I’m sorry.”

                “Having watched you I do not believe for one minute that you are sorry, and I would make you sorry but we don’t have time for that. You must prepare yourself child, a battle is coming, and you must be ready for it.”

                “A battle? What do you mean a battle?”

                “That is all we have for you now, but it is coming, and you must prepare. We will help where we can, but even the Elemental Lords have their boundaries.”

                “A battle with who?”

                “You must find the others, you will need them for this.”

                “The others, you mean my brother and sisters?”

                “Find them child, and as quickly as possible.”

                “Wait, where are you going, that’s it? What am I suppose to do? Where will I find them? Wait.”

About Finding Fire

Finding_Fire_Cover_for_Kindle (1)Title: Finding Fire (Elemental Gifts)

Author: K.R. Robidoux

Genre: Supernatural

Kenna’s life was pretty normal. Single child raise by her grandmother, who loved her job and the quiet small town she grew up in, but as fate would have it that is not the way things would remain. After her Granny died, Kenna discovers who she really is, and what she is truly capable of. She is the fifth child of a very unique family that has the ability to control the four elements. But as she is trying to find the family she didn’t even know she has she also finds the Restorers, a faction of people who want nothing but to eliminate people like Kenna and her family from the world. Now more than ever she must learn to control her gifts, find her family, and protect them from the Restorers.

Author Bio

Author picK.R. was born and raised in Colorado. She is married with four kids, and has always dreamed of putting her stories to paper. Though she has written since she was a child, the elemental gift series is her first published work. A lover of the outdoors her and her family spend as much time as they can in the mountains.


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