Author Interview with Alex Laybourne


I’m interviewing Alex Laybourne, author of zombie horror “Diaries of the Damned” on my blog today. Thanks for visiting my blog!

1)         Please tell us about yourself.

I am a British horror writer, although am currently living in the Netherlands. I started writing when I was a kid, but only started taking it seriously about 5 years ago. In that time I have published two full novels, with the Diaries being my third, and three short story collection, called The Musings of a Hideous Mind. his year I hope to bring out three full novels and maybe some short work. I always knew I was going to be a writer, I just never could have imagined the wonderful people I would meet along the way. The sense of community that can be found in the writing world is second to none.

2)         Tell us about your book.

The Diaries of the Damned is a zombie novel that takes (I hope) a fresh look at the genre. The story is not so much based around the zombies, but the people that have survived. A group of nine survivors come together to tell their tales, and in the process they reveal something far more sinister than the flesh eating corpses that have overrun the United Kingdom. They discover the truth, about what caused the outbreak, the reasons for it, and most shockingly enough come to learn that just maybe, it was no accident.

3)         What inspired you to write Diaries of the Damned? 

I have always wanted to write a zombie novel. I love writing horror, and the main thing  I love about this genre is that you can push boundaries, you can break taboo and stretch people’s minds to and beyond the point at which they cringe and want to turn away. Zombies are, in my opinion, a wonderful source of horror tales, with all manner of analogies that can be drawn. The present a look not at the undead, but at the reactions of the living, and provide a wonderful chance to take a closer look at character. I am a big fan of the Walking Dead, and the zombie fiction of Todd Brown and Armand Rosamilia. These are two wonderful authors who I got to know before writing the series and whose opinion I hold in high regard.

4)         How much time per week do you spend writing / editing your work?

I work a full time office job, normally running between 50 and 60 hours a week. I also have 4 small children, aged 7, 5, 3 and 18 months. Whenever I am not working of playing with the kids, I am invariably writing or doing something connected to the craft. It would be hard to put a number on it, but as  I mentioned in another interview, my wife would say I spend too much time on it, and I would says it is not enough. 🙂

5)         If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

Clive Barker, Stephen Kind and Alfred Hitchcock. Ok, the last one isn’t an author, but he was a writer, and well… its Hitchcock!

6)         What are you working on at the moment? 

I am currently working on the third and final entry in my Highway to Hell series of novels. It is a horror story that started small and is now a rather large horror fantasy novel with some heavy theological themes. On top of that I am learning that if you rip out the eyes of one of your main characters in the opening third of the first book, you meet some interesting challenges two books down the road.

Diaries of the Damned

Ebook CoverTitle: Diaries of the Damned

Author: Alex Laybourne

Genre: Zombie Horror

The dead have risen and a desperate struggle for power has begun. The military are evacuating all survivors in passenger planes. With their destination unknown, one group of survivors led by a journalist named Paul Larkin, decide to share their experiences with the hope that when combined, their stories will reveal some answers that the government had not been willing to give themselves.

 Nine survivors have banded together, determined to tell their tale of survival. None of them realized that as they stood to tell their tales that they stood on the brink of discovering a conspiracy the likes of which the world has never seen.

Author Bio

Alex 1Born and raised in the coastal English town Lowestoft, it should come as no surprise (to those that have the misfortune of knowing this place) that I became a horror writer.

From an early age I was sent to schools which were at least 30 minutes drive away and so spent the most of my free time alone, as the friends I did have lived too far away for me to be able to hang out with them in the weekends or holidays.

I have been a writer as long as I can remember and have always had a vivid imagination. To this very day I find it all too easy to just drift away into my own mind and explore the world I create, where the conditions always seem to be just perfect for the cultivation of ideas, plots, scenes, characters and lines of dialogue everything basically, and when the time is right, I can simply pluck them from the allotment of my mind serve them up on the pages of whatever work is to be their home.

I am married and have four children and my biggest dream for them is that they grow up and spend their lives doing what makes them happy, whatever that is.


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