Book Excerpt from The Madrona Heroes Register


Not an interview today, but an excerpt. This time from a young adult fantasy novel, “The Madrona Heroes Register”, which focuses on superhero siblings.


Book Excerpt

“They’re just gonna cut him all up.” The young boy said to the man. The man responded “Would you like to spend some time alone with him?” The lines from the movie that Jay and Cassie were watching floated over to where Binny and Julie were standing in silence. Just listening.

Cassie turned to Jay on the couch and asked “Is he dead?”

Elliot, the boy from the movie responded, “Look at what they’ve done to you. I’m so sorry. You must be dead, ’cause I don’t know how to feel. I can’t feel anything anymore. You’ve gone someplace else now. I’ll believe in you all my life, every day. E.T., I love you.”

“I don’t understand, why would they cut him all up?” Cassie asked.

Jay paused the movie, “For science honey. In the movie, the government wants to learn how E.T.’s body works.”

“So they can figure out his super powers? How he makes things fly?” Cassie wondered.

“Yeah,” Jay nodded slowly and seriously.

“But won’t that kill E.T.?”, Cassie worried, her eyes widening.

“Well, it looks like he’s already dead, darling.” Jay said, and then added as an afterthought, “But to be honest, the government would probably cut him all up even if he was alive. People aren’t often as gentle as they need to be with living things that are different and special.”

“Oh.” Cassie seemed to be thinking.

Jay unpaused the movie.

As E.T.’s heart started beating Cassie got excited, “he’s alive Daddy. E.T.’s alive.”

“I know baby. But that only happens in the movies. In real life, when the bad guys kill you trying to figure out what makes you tick, you don’t come back to life.”

About The Book

18670060Title: The Madrona Heroes Register

Author: Hillel Cooperman

Genre: YA Superhero Fantasy

Someone in ten-year-old Binny Jordan’s family has a super power – and it’s not her. Binny’s seven-year-old sister Cassie can turn herself invisible and now a strange man is keenly interested in what Cassie can do. Binny’s parents seem more distracted than ever, and her older brother Zach is hiding something of his own. Binny needs to find a way to protect her sister, but she’s never felt more alone.


Author Bio

Hillel Cooperman has pretended to be a superhero since he was a small child. He conceived of the story of the Madrona Heroes in the summer of 2012 on a trip abroad with his family. By winter, he had started writing in earnest. He lives in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle with his three children, their three cats, and thousands of Lego bricks. His superpower is procrastination. The Madrona Heroes Register is his first novel.



Twitter: @madronaheroes

Available in four parts from Amazon (for Kindle):

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

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