Author Interview with Danae Samson


I’m interviewing Danae Samson, author of horror / thriller “Burn” today. Thanks for answering my questions, Danae, and welcome to my blog!

Author Interview

1)      Please tell us about yourself.

I have always wanted to be a writer, but didn’t always love books.  The revelation of reading for pleasure didn’t hit me until I was 13, but has grown steadily since.  The more I read, no matter what I read, the more I want to write and have writing be a part of my life.  I write when I’m upset, I write to relax, I write to chronicle my thoughts and to help my students.  I depend on it to give me joy, reflection, understanding and a sense of who I am as a person.  When I think about those who go about their lives without such a release, such a resource, I feel sorrow for them and an ultimate gratitude for mine.  I am a bookworm, a fusspot for words, a stickler for plot, and a child for storytime.  I think these are the things I want my readers to know about me the most.

2)      Tell us about your book.  What inspired you to write Burn?

BURN is my answer to a series of questions that I had as an educator.  Following the tragedies of Columbine, Virginia Tech, and sadly, many other schools, I found myself torn by a fear that waited in every classroom I entered.  What would I do?  What if I couldn’t get my students out?  What if I couldn’t get out?  What if a shooter came into the classroom?  What if one of my students was the shooter?  Of course, there is no way to know the answer to these questions, which was why they weighed on my mind.  I attended a faculty meeting regarding “active shooter” policies and returned home angry, resentful, and scared.  Naturally, and as always, I wrote my feelings out.  Within half an hour, I had the first four pages of BURN.  This story, though not an easy write, has been extremely beneficial to me as a person and as writer because it has helped me to understand and make peace with those feelings. 


3)      How many hours per week do you spend writing?

It varies.  I try to write whenever I can.  Mostly, I write in the afternoon because it is my least favorite time of day and it is when I am usually alone.  I wrote BURN on a four hours a day, six-days-a-week schedule and that is how I prefer to write.


4)      If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

Stephen King is my favorite author, but is also someone I would like to talk movies and music with.  His incorporation of film and soundtrack into his stories reflects a completely selfish personal pleasure that is all him and no one else and I have always admired it.  In turn, I too make my characters Bob Seger fans, tea drinkers and southern Californians, as a self-serving representation of what I personally enjoy.

  Unfortunately, the two other authors that top my list are no longer with us.  Michael Crichton has had an enormous influence not only on my writing, but also my place in academics as a writer.  He taught me to be unapologetic about my need to write being bigger than my need to teach.  He had such an amazing mind and it was purely out of the grace of the composition gods that he chose writing as the avenue in which to express it.  Richard Matheson, an influence on King as well, has mentored all of us in the horror genre in one way or another.  Hell House and A Stir of Echoes brought credibility to popular fiction, specifically horror, in a way that no one had before.  If I am ever able to make a living as a novelist, he is the man I would buy a drink.

5)      What are you working on at the moment?

Every new manuscript  begins with my fascination over something.  History accompanies my love of writing and of music and I have finally decided to experiment with one of its oldest stories.  The origin of this story will be historically accurate, but the outcome will be classically horror.  It is fresh, new and completely different from anything I have written or read.

About Burn

Burn Front CoverTitle: Burn

Author: Danae Samson

Genre: Thriller, Horror

From the pen of Danae Samson, author of the terrifying debut, LAMENT HILL, comes her follow-up novel, BURN: The Casual Slaughters of Simon Green.

Violence comes to the small Californian college community of Riverhearst as a group of students and teachers are forced to confront a sociopathic killer targeting students.  But what is more frightening is that this killer appears to be one of their own…

Prepare to experience the neuroses and the casual slaughters of Simon Green.

Prepare to experience the horror of a town BURN!

Author Bio

Born in Southern California and educated in Portland, Oregon, Danae Samson’s debut novel, Lament Hill, is a testament to her life on the west coast. Samson received her Bachelors and Masters degree from Portland State University and went on to teach English at four colleges in California and Washington. In 2011, Samson decided to pursue her writing full time and signed with Media Aria CDM in the spring of that year. In addition to the release of Lament Hill, Media Aria CDM will publish Samson’s second novel, Burn: The Casual Slaughters of Simon Green in 2013. Samson has recently finished her third novel, also a work of fiction, and has begun the construction of a fourth manuscript. Samson currently lives in Carlsbad, California.


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  1. sappho1 says:

    Well done, Danae. I’m looking forward to having my novel Shadow of the Lion published by Media Aria next year(2014). Nice to meet other authors published by them.

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