Book Review: Getting Lost by Marie Morgan

Getting_Lost_The_Island_Book1_MarieMorgan_SFWTitle: Getting Lost (The Island, Book One)

Author: Marie Morgan

Genre: Erotica

Purchase: Amazon

Cicily Welling lost everything she cared about. On a dangerous path of self-destruction, she finds a website announcing The Island, saying how they can help those with “emotional problems.”

With much trepidation, she fills out the form and clicks submit, launching herself into a world she never knew existed. It all starts with him. He tells her she’ll heal and makes grand promises that she’ll never be a doormat again.

Now, getting lost is the only way she’ll be able to find herself. In this first book of The Island trilogy, Cicily finds out just how delicious getting lost can be.

Wow, what a thrilling, hot ride! Getting Lost certainly isn’t for those who’ve never had fantasies before of completely losing control, of being dominated by someone else. But if you’re fond of that idea – I know I’m a fan – then it’s an amazing book.

Cicily has lost everything she’s ever held dear in life, her parents and brother died in an accident, and her boyfriend cheated on her with someone else. Months later, she’s still depressed and lifeless. But then a mystery guy invites her to an equally mysterious island, simply called The Island, where he promises her she’ll be healed.

Unknowingly, Cicily signs up for the experience. However, The Island is completely different from what she’s expected. There, she’s a slave, dominated by the others present on the island, in particular the King, who she immediately falls for.

Losing control might mean healing too.

The novel is hot and exciting, and some of the scenes were downright thrilling. The writing was great, I loved Cicily and her struggling with letting go of control. I can’t wait for the next part!

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1 Response to Book Review: Getting Lost by Marie Morgan

  1. authormariemorgan says:

    Hi, Cassidy! I’m thrilled to pieces you loved my book. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review it! ~ MM

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