Author Interview with T.R. Horne


I’m interviewing T.R. Horne today, author of “Breaking Möbius”, an african-american women’s fiction novel. Enjoy the interview!

Author Interview

1)      Please tell us about yourself.

Well, I write as T.R. Horne but my real name is Theresa. I live and work in Yokohama, Japan. It’s a cool place to write because you see so many different, unique things on the daily basis. I meet so many people and love listening to their take on life, love and relationships, especially with the stark culture differences. I miss being in the states because of the shopping. The clothes here are made to fit a much smaller frame than I have, so I daydream about Marshall’s and Ross pretty much on the daily basis.

2)      Tell us about your book.

Breaking Mobius is a story of three young people who learn more about themselves in one year of college than they probably will their whole lives. Mali, a talented youngster with a witty personality, has a rough past that she’s trying to leave behind but still carries the remnants of it mentally. Justice is an arrogant, sweetheart that you’ll see as maybe naïve or “green”. He has a lot of things to work out in the book and the readers will want to be him and hate him at the same time. Nicole, she’s a firecracker. She’s full of sass with a take no prisoners attitude and an extreme passion for success.

3)      What inspired you to write Breaking Möbius?

I was inspired by my friend’s crazy stories about their lives! Some of the dialogue is quoted from people that actually said it, believe it or not.

4)      How many hours per week do you spend writing?

When I write leisurely, I write whenever the mood strikes me. I’m not on a deadline, so I just wait until I have these spurts of imagination then I write for hours. I think the longest stretch was maybe five hours straight, non-stop. Usually, I try to write for at least two or three and call it a day. Sometimes giving myself time to think it over helps me strategize better.

5)      If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

James Patterson. I love and own a lot of his work. Stephen King, because he gives me goose bumps and makes me have sleepless nights. My favorite of his was Dreamcatcher. I read it in three days while on military deployment to Kuwait. Lastly, Eric Jerome Dickey because he has some of the best dialogue and character development, in my opinion. I feel like I know his characters as people when I get done. Amazing!

6)      What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on my second novel called Girl Soldier. It’s a suspense novel about a young girl named Rain who finds out her parents were CIA agents before raising her on a farm. Her mother left her and her father to get back into the undercover lifestyle and never returned. Rain starts a quest to find her mother and find the answers to all her unspoken questions. What she doesn’t realize is that sometimes the answers are much more painful than knowing nothing at all.

About Breaking Möbius

Breaking Mobius Ebook CoverTitle: Breaking Möbius

Author: T.R. Horne

Genre: African American / Contemporary Women’s Fiction


Leaving behind an abusive father and emotionally scarred mother, Mali Struthers catches a bus to freedom. Atlanta University is the perfect place to discover her inner strength and special talents that lead her to a future she never imagined outside her father’s walls. Still learning to love herself, Mali must push past her own doubts to realize she deserves everything she’s worked for, even the love of a man seemingly out of reach.


As a star football player, Justice Bradford juggles his high profile relationship and aggressive groupies but with his best friend’s constant lure of temptation, he struggles to remain focused. He has the world at his fingertips until his plans are shattered by deception. Fighting depression, he’s re-routed on a dangerous path of self-destruction until, by chance, he finds a light in the darkness that makes him second guess his vow. When Justice is faced with his new reality, will he get his life back on track before he loses it all?


One of the hottest video models on the scene, Nicole Bunn is the epitome of a strong, focused business woman. Concentrating only on her money and the men that can supply her expensive lifestyle, Nicole runs from her own hurts scared to love anyone other than herself. Tired of waiting to marry into fortune, Nicole turns a chance meeting into a whirlwind of sex, lies and obsession that is bound to threaten her livelihood. Through a trail of lies and addiction, Nicole sees her love of money fracture so many lives, including her own. When Nicole is forced to choose between her love of money or a chance at true love, what will she decide?


Author Bio

DSC_0131T.R. Horne is a freelance relationship columnist, entrepreneur and author. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Communication Studies and Master’s in Education with honors. Normally, she calls Atlanta, Georgia home but travels around the world with her family. She hopes to finish her doctorate degree in the next few years. She fancies murder mysteries, thrillers, romantic suspense and erotica stories but is addicted to bad reality television. T.R. Horne lives near Yokohama, Japan with her husband, son and dog.



Author Website:





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