Author Interview Karin Cox


I’m hosting the book tour for “Creche” on my blog today. It’s a fantasy / gothic / paranormal romance novel, and I’m happy to interview the author, Karin Cox, today. Enjoy the interview!

Author Interview

Please tell us about yourself.  

I’d love to tell you that I’m an arty, hermitic writer who lives in a log cabin in the snowy mountains and bashes out words on an old typewriter while chugging down copious amounts of red wine, but in truth, I’m just a fairly average 38-year-old Aussie mum of one who juggles writing with freelance editing, the demands of motherhood, running a household, and trying to stay off Facebook. One thing all of that makes me is a terrible insomniac. I’m lucky if I catch more than 6 hours sleep a night most nights, but I’ve always been a night owl and as long as I have coffee and the occasional glass of wine (see, I meet that writer stereotype), I’m good.

Tell us about your book.

Creche is ultimately about an individual’s struggle to know himself, be all who he can be, and find faith (of some kind), mercy, and justice in a world that is sometimes inexplicably cruel. But with wings! My protagonist, Amedeo Aeternus, is not a mortal, but a Cruxim—a kind of hybrid half-angel, half-something else creature who feeds on Vampires. Despite that, in many ways he is also the “everyman” character. He pushes away love, he regrets his past, his honor sometimes prevents him from having fun or from doing what he wants to do, he does his best to protect others and to fulfil what he thinks of as his mission in life, but he also struggles to believe in fate and to be all he can be. He has self-indulgent tendencies and his journey is about outgrowing the weaker elements of his nature so he can follow his true destiny. Of course, all of that is set within a gothic fantasy background with the ongoing war between Vampires and Cruxim as the catalyst for Amedeo’s journey of suffering and self-discovery.

What inspired you to write Creche?

I was inspired to write Cruxim, the first book in the series in a writing session at Byron Bay Writer’s Festival. The presenter put up a picture of a gothic tower and asked us to write 1000 words about it. Those 1000 words sat on my computer for almost a decade until I reread them one day and decided to make them into something bigger. I knew as soon as I reread it that I wanted my anonymous person in the tower to be something a little different from your average “Supe.” At first, I considered making him a Sphinx, but then I read something about a figure from Croatian mythology called a Kresnik or Cruxim and I seized on it. So the entire series, really, has been developed from that simple writing prompt!

How many hours per week do you spend writing?

At least five usually, but it depends on my workload and family commitments. Some weeks more, some weeks less. Sometimes it feels like I spend more time trying to spread the word and promote than I do actually writing, which I’d like to remedy. 🙂 Hey, here’s an idea, can you guys spread the word for me so I can write faster? Cheers, mates. 😀

If you could meet three authors, which authors would you chose?

Living or dead? If dead, I’d go with Lord Byron (that’d be wild!), C.S. Lewis and Mary Renault (but I’d really like Dorothy Parker to come along too). If living, JK Rowling, John Marsden (whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before, but I’m assuming we’re talking a proper, good old chat over dinner here and not a “Omigodiloveyourbookssomuch” gush at a writing conference) and Geraldine Brooks (I love her style).

What are you working on at the moment?

In between finishing Creed and What the Sea Wants, I’m also working on another contemporary romance that is slightly steamier and will be published under a pen name to protect the innocent, as well as Float, my New Adult Dystopian, which I can’t wait to dive back into because I really adore my protagonist for it. Grace is really edgy, mouthy, a bit impulsive. She’s a typical hard-partying young adult whose whole world falls apart around her following a natural disaster. Float and What the Sea Wants are a real departures from the Cruxim series (but don’t rule out more fantasy series from me either), but I think readers will really connect with Grace’s story, especially, and how she deals with the apocalypse (or doesn’t).

About Creche

Creche Know ThyselfTitle: Creche

Author: Karin Cox

Genre: Fantasy / Paranormal Romance

Still grieving the loss of Joslyn and the Sphinx Sabine, and craving revenge upon Beltran, his Vampire nemesis, Amedeo the Cruxim is destined to learn more about his past in the sequel to Karin Cox’s critically acclaimed gothic paranormal romance Cruxim.

When he meets a female of his own kind, Skylar, who takes him to the hidden stronghold of Silvenhall Creche to learn Cruxim lore, the secrets revealed in the holy book of the Cruximus, and the lies told to him by his own kind, force Ame to question who he is really is, where his loyalties lie, and whether there is anything he desires more than vengeance.

Praise for Cruxim…

“I highly recommend Cruxim to lovers of true gothic horror and paranormal genres. This story provides a fresh spin on old-world vampire lore. I will be stalking this author for the rest of this series and beyond!”  Toni Lesatz, My Book Addiction

“I absolutely can’t wait to read the next installment in this series, Creche. This, to me, is like the next Anne Rice series. There’s a love story alongside some pretty gruesome and evil stuff. I like the contrast and the fact that both can live in harmony in a very well-written, character-driven novel. Bravo to the author, Ms. Karin Cox!” Kathy from Literary R&R

I loved how the author was able to bring what was usually mortal enemies and have them work together to resolve the conflicts the characters encounter.” Rachel at The Jeep Diva

“Cruxim is filled with passion, revenge, action, and love all mixed together to form this story that is unlike any I’ve ever read. The ending had me in near in tears, but now I have to find out what fate lies ahead for Amedeo in the next book!” Sarah Jones, Give it to Cupcake Blog.

“I fell in love with the Cruxim. Amedeo is like no other paranormal hero. He’s not infallible. He bleeds, he grieves, he suffers in affairs of the heart and personal conscience. He must make choices that no man, or angel, should ever have to make. I recommend this debut novel by Karin Cox.” Bestselling Author Carol Davis Luce

“I thought the blend of paranormal and mythology brilliant. The grammar flawless. The prose, poetic. If I could give this book a higher rating, I would. It is simply the most intriguing, creative and original paranormal I’ve ever read.” Tara West from the Book Eclective

A wonderfully new, and fresh novel of vampire lore. A dark world of a wide range of oddities. It’s a story that you must read to understand the complex array of characters, and the remarkable way that Ms Cox has woven this phenomenal world in which they exist in. Karin Cox is most definitely an author that I will and look forward to reading more of in the future.” Anne from Angel Anne’s Reviews

Author Bio

Karin Cox Author picKarin Cox is an Australian editor and Whitley-Award-winning author. Since her first book was published in 2004, she has had more than 30 titles published across a range of genres, from children’s fiction and non-fiction, to novels, to non-fiction social history, natural history guides, and educational and coffee-table books. She is the author of Cruxim (a gothic paranormal romance novel) and its sequel Creche, Cage Life and Crows & Other Beasts (both dark, literary short stories), Hey, Little Sister and Pancakes on Sunday (illustrated picture books), and Growth (an anthology of poetry). Karin lives in Australia with her long-suffering fiancé, her daughter, her two dogs, and a cat with the improbable name of “Ping Pong.” You can follow her on Twitter (@Authorandeditor), or on Facebook at or Sign up for her mailing list to be alerted to new releases


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