Author Interview with Adrian Gross


I’m hosting an interview with Adrian Gross, author of supernatural thriller “The Goddess and The Great Beast”. Enjoy the interview!

Author Interview

Please tell us about yourself.

I am a loosely assembled collection of elementary particles in the form of a 46 year old Englishman. My grandparents were Irish. My great-grandfather was Hungarian. There’s some Jewishness in there, too. It’s a mess, but I think, in evolutionary terms, that’s probably a good thing. Anyway, I like to generate surges of endorphin release by listening to music that ROCKS, cycling up vertical inclines and kicking balls around a football pitch. When the endorphins knock off for the day I might try and do some writing.

Tell us about your book. 

It’s a supernatural thriller/adventure about a bored soldier in Baghdad during World War 2 who becomes involved with a psychic cult and gets more than he bargained for. He ends up being chased across Arabia, around London and, eventually, to Hastings where he enlists the assistance of Aleister Crowley to combat the psychic forces plaguing him.

What inspired you to write The Goddess and The Great Beast?

I was inspired by my own family history, the need to do something constructive with my life and an interest in concepts which lie beyond the easily, or rationally, understood.

How many hours per week do you spend writing?

It varies enormously. If I’m on the case, I can write maybe five hours a day, seven days a week. If I’ve run out of steam, or if I’m struggling for ideas, I can go weeks without writing anything. I do think, however, that ‘thinking time’, be it conscious or just lurking in a hidden recess at the bottom of the brain, is a vitally important part of the whole creative process. This means that down-time is never wasted time. That’s what I tell people when I’m in the pub, anyway!

If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

Assuming we’re talking either living or dead here, I would say Douglas Adams, James Joyce and Shakespeare (mainly so I could ask him ‘Did you really write all that stuff? All by yourself? And run a theatre business?’). So, that would be entirely dead authors, then!

What are you working on at the moment?

Heavy metal detective thing and something about an upper-class anarchist psychopath. Nothing sensible.

About The Goddess and The Great Beast

TG&TGBeyesslim2Title: The Goddess and the Great Beast

Author: Adrian Gross

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

1942: a bored British soldier in Baghdad; a beautiful Babylonian Goddess; a sacred marriage unconsummated.

Five years later, in a dreary post-war London, the Goddess must be satisfied.

Can anyone save her demobbed consort from eternal torment?

Or eternal bliss?

Can he save himself?

Does he even want to be saved?

And what’s it got to do with the ‘wickedest man in the world’?

Author Bio

Author NorwayAdrian Gross is a British writer. Some bits of him used to be Irish and some others were once Hungarian. He lives close to Glastonbury and likes to bang his little heavy metal head whilst drinking chewy real ale!

He has endured many terrible jobs, including adrenaline-junkie motorcycle courier, record shop dude-with-bad-attitude, and air traffic control disaster limitation assistant.

When his aching bones and throbbing hangover allow, he plays football (soccer) and rides bicycles up and down the Mendip Hills.




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