Author Interview with Janet McNulty


I’m happy to host an interview today with Janet McNulty, the author of “Liberty’s Torch”, the third book in a young adult dystopian series. Enjoy the interview!

Author Interview

1) Please tell us about yourself.

I am self-employed and write and publish my own books.  Publishing is my main business.  I provide formatting services to other self-published authors like me.

I also live in West Virginia.  I’m not married, but probably fit the typical old maid who lives with a million cats.  Actually I have only one cat.

I like to refer to myself as a “Jack of all trades” type author.  What I mean by this is that I write in more than one genre.   Some authors make a name for themselves in one particular genre and that is what they stick with.  But I’m not like that.  I read just about everything and I read books from every genre there is.  Because I have differing tastes in books, I decided that my writing should fit that.  Basically, when I get an idea for a story I write it down.  Then I produce the manuscript.   Only after I have finished do I worry about what genre it will be in.

2) Tell us about your book.

The story is set in the future in a world controlled by an all-powerful government.  Every citizen has a chip implanted in their arm which tracks and records their movements.  But it focuses mainly on the character of Dana who questioned her role in society, was exiled, and now must decide if she is going to return home to save those she cares about.

Dana mostly wants to be left alone to live her own life.  However, she is being hunted by Colonel Fernau, a sadistic man who is obsessed with finding her.. He executes people Dana cares about on public television just to get her to some out of isolation.  When Dana witnesses this she has to choose between helping her friends or giving into her fear of being captured and imprisoned.

3) What inspired you to write Liberty’s Torch?

I got the idea for the book from current news events.  I tried to keep politics out of it as I want Dana’s struggles to be the main focus.  However, I have come to realize that in our modern world everything we do is tracked and can easily be traced.  My concern is that personal privacy is being lost.  Also, it isn’t that hard for someone within the government, police, or even the kid down the street to look up every record of your life, copy it, or steal it.  How does this work in the world of Dystopia?  Every citizen has a chip implanted in their arm which tracks and records their movements.

When I came up with the idea of Dana’s character, I decided to take my concerns about privacy and wrap it all in an Orwellian landscape.  I happen to be a fan of his books anyway.  I believe that most people like to be left alone to live their life as they see fit.  Dana encompasses that.  She grew up in a world where her actions were controlled, but all she wants is to be left alone.

4) How many hours per week do you spend writing?

About 30 hours a week.  I try to spend at least five hours a day writing and I only take one day off.  I have found that this is the best way for me to complete a book, or series of books.  Writing is like any other job.  You have to spend some time on it each day.  But like everyone else, even I need a day off.

5) If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

That’s a tough one.  I think I would like to meet Ann Rice.  I have read her Lestat books and I am very curious as to how she gets her ideas for them.  Now I have no intention of writing in the horror genre, but I do find her books interesting.

Next I would like to meet Lemony Snicket.  Anyone who can write a series about the unfortunate events three children suffer; yet turn it into something humorous, is a good writer.  I love The Series of Unfortunate Events

And third I’d like to meet Mary Pope Osborne.  Yes, I like her Magic Tree House series.  I worked at a children’s library for a time and even though I am an adult, I really enjoyed those books.  I think they’re cute and fun.

6) What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on a science fiction series.  It is more of a space opera, or an adventure story in space.  The basic storyline is that four people from earth—from different time periods—are transported from their home to an alien ship. Once there they learn that there is this weapon that can destroy entire solar systems and they are needed to stop it.  Okay, that is the general, and most basic storyline.  The series is called Solaris.  I hope to have the first book published in 2014.

Liberty’s Torch

front coverTitle: Liberty’s Torch

Author: Janet McNulty

Genre: YA Dystopian

All it takes is one spark to ignite the flame of liberty.

Six months have passed since Dana and Kenny parted.  Forced to live as a wanderer, Dana discovers a crashed drone and learns of the chaos within Dystopia and what President Klens has planned for the resistance. Realizing that she must go back, Dana acquires the help of a seventy-year-old man and an old friend.  Upon her return, she finds that rebellion is in the air as the government continues to eliminate dissenters.

Forced to disguise herself, Dana searches for the resistance to tell them of President Klens’ plans.  After a few run-ins with the officers and narrow escapes from Colonel Fernau—his obsession with her growing each day—she learns that the people of Dystopia yearn to be free from their oppression.  What they need is a leader.  Knowing that everyone she cares for will never be safe so long as the government reigns supreme, Dana must decide how far she is willing to go achieve freedom.

Author Bio

Ms. McNulty began writing short stories at an early age. That passion continued through college until she published her first book: Legends Lost: Amborese under the pen name of Nova Rose. Since then she has gone on to publish a mystery series, children’s books, and even a dystopian series.

Recently, her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s causing her to visit her grandparent’s and record her grandfather’s memoirs before they become lost. The final result is Grandpa’s Stories: The 20th Century as My Grandfather Lived It. She did this to preserve her family history before it becomes lost.

Ms. McNulty currently lives in West Virginia where she enjoys hiking, being outside, crocheting, or simply sitting around and doing nothing. She continues writing. She is finishing up her dystopian series (the second book, Tempered Steel, is to be published in August 2013 and the final one, Liberty’s Torch, in November 2013).

Books include:

Legends Lost Series: (Published under Nova Rose)


The Mellow Summers Series:

Sugar And Spice And Not So Nice
Frogs, Snails, And A Lot Of Wails
An Apple A Day Keeps Murder Away
Three Little Ghosts
Oh Holy Ghost
Where Trouble Roams
Two Ghosts Haunt A Grove
Trick Or Treat…Or Murder

Children’s Books:

Mr. Chili’s Chili
Mr. Chili Goes To School
Mr. Chili’s Halloween
Mr. Chili’s Christmas
The Hungry Washing Machine
Mrs. Duck And The Dragon
How Do You Catch An Alien
Are You The Monster Under The Bed?

You can learn more about her and her writing at
Follow her blog:



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