Book Review Hello, Love! by Ejourney

Hello! 3D coverTitle: Hello, Love!

Author: EJourney

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Purchase: Amazon

Heartache and the specter of revenge follow when sparring partners spend the night together two days before he weds someone else.

A deliciously romantic romp with a good dose of realism and a twist of mystery.

A clash of wits, more than of wills, drives the love story in this modern-day pastiche of 19th-century romance novels by Elizabeth Gaskell (North and South) and Jane Austen.  The main protagonists deal with messy feelings and events that could happen to any of us:  The heroine, a bright young lawyer, confronts choices about career, abortion, and reactions of parents, friends, and men; while he, an alpha male, is haunted by past relationships, but with a sensitive, caring side that emerges as he woos the heroine.

Greg takes his business seriously, but his relationships not half as much. That is, until he meets Elise, the daughter of an economic professor he’s been consulting with. Elise opens up something inside of him, shows him a part of him he never knew he had. He wants to get to know her, but she’s not exactly friendly toward him.

When he’s invited to one of her parents’ dinner parties, he sees her again, and the more they get to know each other, the more she opens up to him. They become friends, or maybe something more, and two days before Greg’s wedding to another woman, the unthinkable happens.

Greg realizes he’s in love with her, but if he wants to be with her, he’ll have to deal with the demons of his past first. Else they may threaten not only him, but Elise as well.

The book is quite raw, down-to-earth. There may be a hint of magic in the love between Greg and Elise, but apart from that, the book could’ve been ripped straight out of everyday life. It tells a love story the way it might have really happened, not overly flowerish or overly feel-good like you may expect from romance novels.

I actually liked that the most about this book. The story of Greg and Elise is something that could happen to anyone, anytime. Their love also builds over time, it’s not love at first sight, and that’s another bonus.

A good read, with solid writing and memorable characters.

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