Author Interview with Terah Edun


I’m happy to interview author Terah Edan today, the author behind “Sworn to Transfer,” a novel currently touring with Enchanted Book Promotions. Thank you for answering my questions, Terah!

Author Interview

1)      Please tell us about yourself.

I’m a young adult fantasy writer born and raised in the Atlanta metropolitan area, who transplanted to the Northeast region for college, and spent years living abroad in South Sudan and Morocco. I love to write the stories that I’ve always loved to read as a young girl. Which means crazy, imaginative coming of age books with kick-ass heroines.
2) Tell us about your book.

Sworn To Raise (Book One), Sworn To Transfer (Book Two) and Sworn To Conflict (Book Three) of the Courtlight Series, are an Epic Fantasy and Young Adult group of novels which focus on the main protagonist Ciardis Weathervane. All of the books represent a high fantasy adventure with magic, mystery and romance that follows a headstrong young woman in her efforts to turn an empire upside down.

The Courtlight series has been lauded as captivating and imaginative with suspenseful and breathtaking scenes.
3) What inspired you to write Sworn to Transfer?

The desire to have a young adult epic fantasy adventure that was unique and didn’t mirror the normal YA fantasy genre tropes. I wanted to write something new and different, which is why I started with Sworn To Raise and expanded my series to Sworn To Transfer.
4) How many hours per week do you spend writing?

I don’t have an average week – some weeks, like the release week for Sworn To Transfer from the 14th through the 21st, I barely spent any time writing – like 2-3 hours total. Other weeks I could spend thirty or more hours writing and many others doing the work that pertains to being a self-published author – marketing, cover design, correspondence etc.

5) If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey and Cinda Williams Chima! I adore the writing of every single one of these ladies and would love to have an hour face-to-face to pick their brains on series design, character arcs and story progression.

6) What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on book three in the Courtlight Series, Sworn To Conflict. Sworn To Confict will release on December 6, 2013 and the official cover will be up on my website on October 16, 2013. So keep your eyes peeled!

About Sworn to Transfer

Sworn To TransferTitle: Sworn to Transfer

Author: Terah Edun

Genre: YA Fantasy

Eighteen-year-old companion trainee Ciardis Weathervane has won the friendship of the royal heir and saved his claim to the throne. Yet her interference in the inheritance rights leaves more harm done than good. With the death of the Princess Heir, the Ameles forest – the home of the kith, is dying.

The inhabitants of the forest, magic-wielding non-humans, are defiant. They have not forgotten their long struggles nor are they content to watch as the last of their lands perish. As humans begin to die in gruesome deaths, the Emperor dispatches the royal heir to the forests with the solution to the kith concerns.

With enemies closing ranks in Sandrin, Ciardis can little afford to leave the city’s nest of vipers to take on a new task. But she’s given no choice when her loyalty to the crown and courts are called into question.

To keep the Companions’ Guild happy and the favor of the Imperial Court, Ciardis will be tested in frightening new ways, especially when she’s faced with an obstacle that could risk the lives of her friends and the family she never thought she had.

This second novel continues the story of Ciardis Weathervane from Sworn To Raise.

Author Bio

Terah Edun is a young adult fantasy writer born and raised in the Atlanta metropolitan area, who transplanted to the Northeast region for college, and has spent years living abroad in South Sudan and Morocco. She writes the stories that she always loved to read as a young girl.


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