Release Day Party Confidante: The Escort


We’re happy to celebrate the release day party for “Confidante: The Escort” today. Find out more about the book and read an excerpt below.

There’s also a giveaway for a signed print copy of the book! Scroll down to the giveaway and fill in the form to participate.

About Confidante: The Escort

Confidante escort smallerTitle: Confidante: The Escort

Author: Lilliana Anderson

Genre: Non-Fiction, Biography

‘You thought I was shocked when I found out that my mother in law used to work in a brothel! Imagine my surprise when she told me that after she got out of there she decided to return to work in the sex industry.

But this time – she wanted to go where the money was, she wanted to be an Escort.

Follow Angelien, a now retired Sydney sex worker, in this true story, as she breaks boundaries when she insists of becoming an escort in her mid 30s, proving to everyone that a mature lady can be a very successful and sought after woman in an industry dominated by youth.

Story rated 18+ due to subject matter and sex scenes.’

Author Bio

Australian born and bred, Lilliana Anderson has always loved to read and write considering it the best form of escapism that the world has to offer. Besides writing Angelien’s biographical trilogy, she also writes contemporary romance and drama all based around Aussie characters.

When she isn’t writing she is a wife, and a mother to four children. She has worked in a variety of industries and studied humanities before transferring to commerce/law at university.

She currently lives a fairly quiet life in suburban Melbourne.


Read an Excerpt

Excerpt from ‘Bread & Butter’

Usually for Angelien, a booking would take between two to three hours, although sometimes they were very brief as her client may have had a late business meeting and just needed someone to either talk them down or bolster their spirits so they could actually sleep. On these occasions, sex wasn’t always involved – they simply wanted someone to talk to, and when it was, it was generally of the ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’ variety.

Angelien’s regulars fell into two categories – ‘The Planners’, and ‘The Jammers’

The Planners

These men were dubbed ‘The Planners’ because most of them flew in from overseas and would book a few weeks ahead to ensure they got Angelien exactly when they wanted her.

She would arrive in their hotel suite and everything would be ready and waiting, they’d have the champagne on ice with two glasses ready to pour to moment she stepped into the room and they knew exactly how they wanted to night to go and how to make sure they had the exact experience they were looking for.

The Jammers

These were the guys that tended to be from interstate and would call the minute they had booked their airplane tickets or even the moment they had landed, hoping she was available. Their bookings ranged from a day or two in advance, to mere hours.  

Often, she would arrive in their room to see that they hadn’t even unpacked and they hadn’t made any dinner bookings or ordered anything for her arrival, everything was done ‘off the cuff’. It wasn’t so much that they were all that horny and wanted to get laid straight away, she felt it was more like a ritual especially for the men who travelled a lot. She had a sense that they were very lonely and didn’t want to do anything before they had company. So until she arrived, they simply waited. It seemed that they had their routine and they stuck to it. It was like they had a second life they lived and she was the woman in this particular ‘port’.


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