Author Interview with A.J. Kelton


I’m happy to host an interview today with author team A.J. Kelton, the authors of paranormal romance novel “Faelon”. Thanks for answering my questions!

1) Please tell us about yourself.

Jordan: I currently can be found in Kansas where I live in a small farming community. I have always loved to read, something that was encouraged from a young age. I loved the way stories could take me to places I had never been and the way the characters seemed to come to life. I have always wanted to bring that kind of magic to others, have them fall in love with the people I created. I’m an avid reader and will read almost anything all though I’m not that interested in mysteries. I love to travel but the places I love the most aren’t the big name tourist attractions but the smaller places that really bring the area to life. I’m also a Game of Thrones and a Borgias Fan.

Angel: I live in South East Texas, on the Louisiana border with my 2 dogs. I love to read, and that is the one thing I miss doing a lot of while writing, but I try to spend a few hours a week trying to keep up with my current book list. I have been writing since I was young and have always loved to create worlds where I can have the characters live out whatever fantasies my brain comes up with. I love to travel and wish I had more time to do it, but I am able to take short road trips around the area with a friend of mine.

2) Tell us about your book in five sentences or less.

Jordan:  Faelon is a three thousand year old nephilim who falls in love with a mortal. Jax doesn’t believe in the supernatural but does love Faelon. When Jax finds out Faelon has wings he leaves him. When danger threatens Faelon, Jax realizes that wings mean nothing if you love someone.

Angel: Jordan about said it all in summoning up the book.

3) What inspired you to write Faelon?

Jordan:  I love paranormal romance but wanted to do something a little different than most of what is out there. Faelon was a discussion between Angel and I on how we could do something other than the typical vampire or Shifter novel.

Angel: Jordan and I both read a lot of vampire novels and we talk among ourselves on what we would do and what we would change. It started out as a holiday story and quickly turned into the Faelon we have today.

4) How many hours per week do you spend writing?

Jordan: I don’t have a set number of hours that I write. I have an evil day job that takes up to fifty hours of my week. I write when the story comes to me so it may be an hour a week it might be thirty hours a week. Once I get the idea for a story though it comes pretty fast.

Angel: With me, it depends on how hectic my day job work day is. I would love to be able to write several hours a day, but being manager of where I work, and only having 3 employees, there are several times that it seems I never leave. On a good day I can write 5,000 to 10,000 words, but most days I try to get at least 1,000, although that doesn’t always happen either.

5) If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

Jordan: I’ve meet most of the authors I admire thanks to a few writers conventions. I think I would have to say Ann Somerville because I loved the Surrogate.  Rachel Haimowitz because I loved everything of hers I have read so far.  The Flesh Cartel is amazing and I enjoyed her book Anchored also. The third person I would want to meet …hmmmm… probably Katie MacAlister because I love her dragon books.

Angel: I have met a lot of my favorite authors as well in the M/M genre. I would love to meet Suzanne Brockmann, I first read her SEAL Team Ten books and they are one of the things that inspired me to write more. Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Kati MacAlister.

6) Tell us about your current work in progress.

Jordan: Well at this moment I am working on the sequel to Faelon which will be called Much Ado About twins. I also have the sequel to Under the Australian Sky that I’m working on. I have Legion which will be coming out soon, it is my first solo project. I have a couple more books under the Rider Jacobs name which I will be submitting to my editor soon. After that I always have a lot of stories started on my computer.

Angel: I am working on Faelon’s sequel, as well as the sequel for Marco, this one will be Evan’s book. I am working on the sequel to Misunderstandings that I write as Angel Rothamel. I am also currently working on a children’s book that came to me the other night, which I am just in the process of looking for an illustrator for.

About Faelon

faelon front coverTitle: Faelon

Author: A.J. Kelton

Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance

Who knew that loving a Nephilim could be so dangerous.

Faelon, a 3000-year-old nephilim, fleeing a demonic master, found safety with the church. He has repaid their kindness by translating various artifacts. Father Donovan has watched as Faelon became a recluse, fearing those who would harm him.

Jax, wanting a change, moves to Salem, MA where he finds work as a churches security guard. Not believing that Faelon is a nephilim, he is forced to confront his own beliefs in the supernatural.

Can he learn to accept Faelon, and be the master he requires? Or lose the man he loves to the demons who would harm him.

Author Bio

AJ Kelton are the dynamic writing team of Angel and Jordan. The couple met online several years ago on an Alexander fan site and have been friends ever since. Angel soon found that Jordan had a flare for storytelling with several half-finished stories on her computer. Angel encouraged Jordan to finish the stories and with help in creative description she decided to send the stories off to MLR press. They were both shocked and excited when they got the news that Faelon was accepted for publication. While Jordan may have a flare for storytelling she doesn’t enjoy the smaller details in getting a story ready for publication. That is where Angel comes in; she spends countless hours getting the story ready after line edits, going over each line in proofing and formatting, making decisions such as covers and fonts, all things that Jordan just has problems focusing on.

Angel is always on the lookout for her perfect mate, a cross between Ethan from Under the Australian Sky  and Evan from  Marco.  Until Mr. Perfect appears at her door, or in front of her booth wanting an autograph she loves to read, take pictures and attend concerts of all kinds. She loves all things 80’s. Angel lives in Texas with her two dogs, Daisy a beagle who she insists is nothing like snoopy and her Chihuahua Bonita.

When not writing Jordan loves to read anything from Amish romance to the dark taboo books of fiction both M/M and Het. She is a very avid reader, except when writing because she doesn’t want to be influenced by what she is reading. Jordan loves to travel and often her latest vacation spots show up in his books. While Jordan is always looking for that perfect place to live at the moment she can be found in Kansas.

Both writers have solo projects coming out in the future, Angel with Misunderstandings under the name Angel Rothamel.  Jordan with Legion under the name Rider Jacobs.

Both authors would love to hear from you. You can contact them via their web page You can also find them on Facebook under both AJ Kelton,  Angel Rothamel and Rider Jacobs.


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