Author Interview with T.L. Shreffler


I’m hosting an author interview today with YA fantasy author T.L. Shreffler, the author of “Sora’s Quest”.

Author Interview

1) Please tell us about yourself?

I am a crazy red-haired writing maniac! I live in a closet. I eat Babybel Mini Cheese Wheels and drink far too much tomato juice (thus the red hair?). I recently graduated with a Creative Writing degree from the noble Cal-State Northridge, and now I am pursuing my dreams!

2) Tell us about “Sora’s Quest” in five sentences or less.

A girl runs into an assassin in the hallway. She has a magic necklace that he wants to use. She is kidnapped and taken on a grand adventure, complete with swordfights, staff fights, knife fights, epic getaways, magical awesomeness, cursed swamps, stupid soldiers, stuffy Nobility and budding romance. It’s also FREE across the interwebs. Did I mention it’s free?

3) Where did you get the inspiration from for “Sora’s Quest”?

I used to read a lot of fantasy, then over time I got frustrated. There was this specific story I kept wanting to read about, but I could never quite find that “book.” So I decided to write it.

4) I really love the cover of the book. Who is the cover artist, or did you do it yourself?

I did it myself, thank you! I design book covers and websites, and I’ve been a graphic artist since I was 13, taught myself Photoshop and the whole deal. Here’s my portfolio:

5) If you could have coffee with three authors (dead or alive) which authors would you choose?

Neil Gaiman, Robin Hobb and George R. R. Martin. Can you imagine that conversation? Wow.

6) Please tell us about your current work in progress.

I am currently working on the third book of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, entitled Volcrian’s Hunt. The second book has already been released. Volcrian’s Hunt is close to being finished, then it’s off to the editors. There will be two more books in The Cat’s Eye Chronicles after this, so I definitely have my hands full for the next year or two.

Thanks for the interview! A conversation between Neil Gaiman, Robin Hobb and George R.R. Martin would definitely be epic. Good luck on your third book!

About Sora’s Quest

Sora'sQuestCoverTitle: Sora’s Quest

Author: Theresa Sheffler

Genre: Fantasy

Sora Fallcrest was born into Nobility. She had it all: money, maids, a fancy estate. But she never expected to be kidnapped.

Abducted from her manor, Sora is plunged into a world of magical races, arcane jewelry and forgotten lore. She finds herself at the mercy of a dangerous assassin, haunted by an even darker past. She yearns for freedom, but he won’t let her go — not when her Cat’s Eye necklace is the only thing that can save his life.

But the necklace itself presents a problem. It is an ancient device from the long forgotten War of the Races, and its magic has the ability to steal souls. Can Sora learn to wield its power — or will the power wield her? (Winner of the SKOW 2006 Best Fantasy Award)

Author Bio

T. L. Shreffler lives in Los Angeles, CA. She loves diversity, fantasy, romance, iced tea, long walks, philosophy, and thrift store shopping. She recently graduated with a BA in Badass (Creative Writing) and her poetry has been published consecutively in Eclipse: A Literary Journal and The Northridge Review.



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  1. Thank you so much for participating in the book tour!!! 🙂

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