Guest Post and Giveaway Winter Shock


I’m hosting a guest post and giveaway for Winter Shock today. I’m sorry this is late. I was down with the flu! Terrible weather this year.

Anyway, I’ll now leave the floor for Sally Dubats, author of Winter Shock!

Guest Post

Hi there! I’m excited to be Cassidy Crimson’s guest today! Thank you, Cassidy!

I thought it would be really fun to talk about love spells! The heroine of “The Grimoire Chronicles” series is a Witch, but not a “Hollywood Witch”. A Hollywood Witch is like “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” or the Witches on “Charmed”. An even worse example that causes a lot of problems is The Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz.” A real Witch is a male or female who practices witchcraft, spell-casting. Many Witches celebrate Full Moons, New Moons, and particular Sabbats such as the equinoxes and solstices. The spells are not about flying or telekinesis (moving objects with the mind), but are usually about healing, prosperity, and sometimes even the ever-popular LOVE!

There are also, for many Witches, ethics involved in casting spells. Cassie, the heroine of my young adult fantasy, “The Grimoire Chronicles,” was brought up by her Aunt Faye. They’re both very much into the Wiccan Rede which has several renditions, but mainly says, “Harm none.” So, theoretically, casting a love spell on a particular person to be attracted to you would be interfering with their natural wishes, progression, etc., which would be a form of harm. Casting a love spell to draw love in general would set you up to be in a vibration of finding love and so that the appropriate love would be drawn to you.

There really is science behind witchcraft. The Law of Attraction is getting a lot of press for the last several years, which basically states that we draw to us the same thing we send out. If we don’t believe we deserve love or are closed off (even if we think we aren’t!), we won’t find love. Witchcraft and spell casting have a lot to do with the Law of Attraction. So, when you cast that love spell, you are casting a spell to be in a vibration of finding and receiving love. You are literally working with the Law of Attraction.

Here is an easy way to draw more love into your life, and this is a spell Cassie might do. This is to draw love in general, but not a particular person’s love. You can call this “aiding the Law of Attraction,” or you can simply call it witchcraft! You decide, and let me know what you think!

Select a healthy food that you eat frequently, like an apple. For one month, before every apple that you eat, hold the apple in your hands and visualize the perfect love coming your way. (If you’re in a relationship that isn’t going well, visualize a better relationship filled with fun, love, and sweet kisses.) Visualize how receptive you are to love, how open. Also visualize and know with certainty how sexy and beautiful or handsome you are, and believe it! Visualize that you are a magnet for love. When your apple (or other food that you selected for your magical reminder) is filled with these positive vibrations, eat the apple on a conscious level. Take love into you. Taste how beautiful it is!

Try this for one month and see who comes into your life. I’d love to hear your results!

Thank you, Cassidy, for this wonderful opportunity to share!

About Winter Shock

16277774Title: Winter Shock

Author: Sally Dubats

Genre:  Paranormal Fantasy

“Trenton drugged and kidnapped me. I was powerless.”

Cassie’s neighbors have secrets, and she is one of them.

A Witch taken against her will to an isolated, frozen wilderness on an impossible quest, Cassie defends herself against Trenton who has gone over to the dark side. One minute he’s adorable and charming, and the next weird, uncaring, and hostile. And now, Cassie fears for her life.

Winter Solstice draws near, and Cassie performs magical spells to gain clarity. Instead she is shocked by visions and mind jumps into the lives of strangers on the brink of disaster.

Why is she in a hostile, threatening wilderness? What is causing the horrific visions? Cassie discovers there is much more at stake than her own survival. To survive, she must overcome impossible odds.

Book two in “The Grimoire Chronicles” series, “Winter Shock” is a paranormal fantasy novel that you’ll never forget! If you love paranormal romance, urban fantasy, Witches and Wicca, paranormal mystery, paranormal horror, action and survival, “The Grimoire Chronicles” series is definitely for you!

Author Bio

Sally 3Sally Dubats is a published author of a non-fiction compendium on the practice of witchcraft called Natural Magick: The Essential Witch’s Grimoire. Her current project is an 8-book fantasy series, The Grimoire Chronicles. The first two books are complete, and Veil Between Worlds and Winter Shock have received critical acclaim. She has held editorial positions for green non-profit organizations, and was the editor of a metaphysical newspaper for several years. Sally is Wiccan and continues to practice and research the Craft.


Twitter: @sallydubats


Facebook Author Page

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I’m happy to give away an eBook copy of Winter Shock to a random commenter. Please use a valid email, since we’ll use that to get in touch. This is international. Good luck!

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  1. live… laugh… love… Such exciting times for you {{ Sally }} I cant wait for Winter Shock to hit South African soil!! May the God and the Goddess wrap you in their arms and keep you safe and inspired for many awesome books to come… The Brightest of Blessings from South Africa )O(

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