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Today is the release day of A Hot Mess, a contemporary romance novel. To celebrate, I’m hosting an interview with the author!

Hey Christy, and thanks for appearing on my blog!

1)      Can you tell us a little about yourself? Just a little?

I could ramble on and on…just kidding! I’m from Alabama, born and bred. I’m married and have three young sons. I stay super busy, but I love the color pink, blackjack, karaoke, and cream cheese brownies.

2)      Can you tell us about your book?

‘A Hot Mess’ tells the story of Cait, who is dumped the day before her wedding after eloping to Vegas. She’s stranded with no money and no luggage. She calls on her longtime friend, Dylan (a hotshot fashion photographer), to help her out. Even though the timing really sucks, Dylan realizes how close he came to losing his love forever so he sets out to prove he’s the perfect man for Cait.

3)      What was the inspiration for A Hot Mess?

The title came first and everything just snowballed from there. I knew Vegas had to be the setting, since it’s a locale I visit again and again in my writing. I was actually answering a Valentine’s Day submission call and I wanted the trope of best friends to lover. So ‘A Hot Mess’ just came to be! I’m not much of a plotter, so the story just developed as I wrote it.

4)      What was the most challenging part about writing the book? Wow, I finished this one so quickly I didn’t really come up against a challenge. But I would probably have to say balancing the right amount of emotion as Cait realizes her feelings for Dylan are more than just friends.

5)      Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Just keep writing! I give this little nugget of wisdom in every interview I do, but it works for me. If you get “blocked”, just end the scene and start a new one. You can always go back and flesh out the blocked scene later. I used to stare at the computer screen for hours if I wrote myself into a corner. Now I just end the scene and plow on through.

6)      If you could meet three authors (dead or alive), which authors would you choose?

Oh, man. This is a hard one, but I would have to go with Julia Quinn, Stephen King, and Helen Fielding. I know, I know. I have a very eclectic mix!

7)      Can you tell us about your current work in progress?

Right now, I’m writing book 2 in my Out of Bounds series. ‘A Touch is Sin’, the first book in the series, is coming to Liquid Silver Books in March and I’m getting close to wrapping up ‘Some Kind of Trouble’. This series features an all-paranormal team of football players…but at a later point in their lives. It’s cool how each player’s life evolved after graduating college.

Thanks for the interview, Christy!

About A Hot Mess

A-Hot-Mess-mockup3Title: A Hot Mess

Author: Christy Gissendaner

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Caitlyn Myers elopes to Vegas on a spur of the moment decision, but once there she is abandoned by her heartless fiancé. With no money, and her luggage lost at the airport, she calls the one person she knows will help her.

Dylan Russell has known Caitlyn since she was a scruffy tomboy. He’s watched her mature into a ravishing woman and has kept his desire for her a secret … until now. Valentine’s Day in Vegas provides the dazzling backdrop for seduction as Dylan shows Caitlyn that not all loves are messy.

 Author Bio

ChristyChristy Gissendaner is a romantic comedy author and believes that laughter and love should go hand in hand. She lives in Alabama with her husband and three sons and is always hard at work on her next novel. In her spare time, Christy loves blackjack, karaoke, and anything resembling a vacation! Find out more about her at

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