Author Interview with S.P. Wilcox and Book Excerpt

I’m happy to host an interview with author S.P. Wilcox today for Enchanted Book Promotions. Thanks for answering my questions, S.P.!

 1.      Tell us more about yourself?

 Well, I am not sure what you want to know.  I grew up in Southern California.  Attended Arizona State University where I have a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts.  I have been married for 16 years and have four children.  But that is the boring stuff…right?  If you have read my books, you probably know I love country music.  As does Sydney Stanton…come on those guys are hot!

I love a hot contemporary romance novel.  I don’t care for romance novels that are not present day I just can’t relate.  I consume way to much chocolate, I am not big on exercising but do it because I have too!  Cherish every moment I have with my family even when they are driving me crazy.  I am a crazy organizing person, I love for everything to have its place.  I hate to be late for anything and I would rather have an ice cold beer than a fancy glass of wine!

 2.       When did you start your writing career?

 This question makes me laugh a little.  My writing career…I never in a million years  would have thought I would have a writing career, but apparently I do.  I started writing in June 2012, I have never written anything in my life that was not for some school assignment or work.  I really enjoy writing and creating characters from my imagination or small truths from my life.  Writing is very freeing, letting your imagination take over and seeing where the story goes.

 3.      What is the inspiration behind ‘Whishful Thinking’ and ‘Not Another Wish’?

 Hmmm…the inspiration for Wishful Thinking comes from growing up with an amazing best friend.  She and I (my best friend and I) have been friends since 7th grade.  You know that friend who is a part of every aspect of your life.  We went to junior high, high school, college and even pledged the same sorority together.  I wanted to tell our story but couldn’t because well, too many names, places and events to change.  So instead I took some of our memories (very small parts) and turned them into the book which is Wishful Thinking.  I can’t tell you which parts are true or made up but I will say that there really is a Kendall and Matt (though those are not the real names), that we did go to Arizona State, and we were roommates and we are still apart of each other’s lives!

Not Another Wish was much more difficult for me to write because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to happen to Sydney.  I knew what I wanted to happen in the end between Sydney and Grant but the path getting them to the end was hard.  The second book is purely from my imagination, none of is based in truth at all.  It may sound strange but as the writer it is hard to see the characters you love have to struggle to regain the love of their life.

4.      Can you tell us more about ‘Wishful Thinking’ in five sentences or less?

 Sure, Sydney is not even 19 years old has already had her heart broken by her high school boyfriend.  She is looking for a fun summer and wants that with Grant.  What she doesn’t expect is to find the love of her life and have him break her heart after only a few months.  What she doesn’t know is that she will find herself along this journey which will ultimately change the course of her life.

  5.      Can you tell us more about ‘Not Another Wish’ in five sentences or less?

 Well, Sydney learns the hard way that love does not conquer all.  She believes she has found another to love that can fill her with the love she is missing from Grant.  She quickly learns that no man can take his place.  She allows herself to love Grant if only for one weekend and then walk away, what she does plan on is never being able to get passed the ache in her heart for him and his ache for her.  Their lives paths will eventually cross again and all the truths will be told.

 6.      What does a book have to have to be ‘good’ for you?

 This is not too hard.  I have a few things that tell me a book is ‘good’ for me.

1.      I connect to the characters right away;
2.      The angst of the story pulls on my heart;
3.      I don’t skip any pages…when I can’t get into a book, I usually start skipping pages right away;
4.      I can’t get the book or characters out of my mind, they become a part of my mind for a few days.  I mean I have actually woken up in the morning with an ache in my heart on more than one occasion because I was so moved by a book.
5.      Well and the love scenes are captivating!

 7.      Name your three all time favorite novels.

Wow, umm…this is hard, there are so many! I hope it can be a series because I love series.  But if I have to narrow it down, I would say Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mcguire, The Travises series by Lisa Kleypas (Sugar Daddy, Blue-eyed Devil and Smooth Talking Stranger) and 50 Shades of Grey Series by EL James.  Although there are so many great books, I am truly not being fair to all my other favorite books.

 8.      What are you working on now and can you tell us about it.

I do have a project in the works. It is a young adult romantic novel.  It is currently titled “My Narrative” but may change.  The book is told from both the boy and girls POV, which is fun and different to write.  It is about a teenage girl and her brother being raised by their aunt and uncle.  It starts out over the Thanksgiving Holiday with the girl, and the boy, meeting under odd circumstances in a convenience type store.  They meet again while away on vacation and a quick connection is made between them.  They end up spending almost the entire week together.  But have issues when they come home and have to deal with family, friends and preconceived notions about each other which may or may not be true.

I am not very far into the story yet maybe only 65 pages, so it is definitely a work in progress at this point.  I know how I want the story to go but have not had the time to devote to it recently.  I am hoping to have it completed in the Spring of 2013. Oh one thing I love about this new book is it has some cross over characters from my first two books, so you will have to keep an eye out when reading to see who may pop up!

Book Excerpt Not Another Wish

 If I hadn’t been so consumed by summer school, planning sorority Rush and the philanthropic events for the year, I would have lost my mind over Grant’s absence from my life.  Although I was busy all summer, my heart was in a constant state of flux the entire time.  Each time my phone rang, a text came through, or I checked my email, I was desperately hoping for something from Grant.  At some point, I just stopped believing in him.  I stopped wishing for him to contact me. I just stopped.  Each moment was hard, but I faced the hard truth.  Each step was devastating and my heart ached for Grant, but at some point I accepted the facts in front of me.  Grant was no longer part of my life.  He walked away from me, from us…again.  I could have called his parents and asked why, but it wasn’t their place to tell me…it was Grant’s and his track record for being honest was severely lacking.

Colby and Jackson came to town two more times for business trips during the summer.  Kendall was more than happy to spend time with them, and eventually I warmed up to the idea.  They were very fun to hang around with.  Jackson had me laughing every time until my sides hurt. Kendall was in deep like with Colby, and spending time with Jackson was simple, no strings- just friends.  Jackson and I had begun keeping in touch on the phone, and sometimes we would Skype.  It was nice to have a guy’s perspective on my relationship with Grant.  I had confided everything to him about Grant.  He knew how insecure I was feeling and lost I was.

Jackson was very thoughtful, his words always honest, never sugar coating anything, would put me at ease when I let my imagination run wild concerning Grant.  He would tell me, “Don’t worry Sydney, he loves you, he will call, he is busy.  He is busy with work and that is his focus, when he gets back things will fall in to place, you will see.”  I would always agree but the nagging feelings in my heart never left.

Wishful Thinking and Not Another Wish

Wishful ThinkingTitle: Wishful Thinking
Author: S.P. Wilcox
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Left heart broken by her high school sweetheart Sydney is in no means interested in having a serious relationship. She has just finished her freshman year of college and is headed home, leaving her best friend at school and no hopes for an exciting summer.

Sydney is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime by her longtime friend Heather. Accepting this opportunity could make or break her summer vacation. When a gorgeous young man crosses her path more than one time, Sydney is almost torn to pieces by her immediate attraction to him. Making her choice simple, she will take the offer from her friend and embark on a summer she will never forget.

Sydney is looking for a summer filled with endless amounts of fun. What she doesn’t know is this is the summer that will change her love life forever. See what happens to Sydney in her quest to have a summer filled with no ties.

This is an adult contemporary book. It is not meant for anyone under 17.

Not_Another_WishTitle: Not Another Wish
Author: S.P. Wilcox
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

“Grant, I have to go,” I told him.
“No, please talk to me, will you talk to me… tell me how you feel.”
I am dying right here on the patio.
“What do you want me to tell you, that all is forgiven and we can be together?”
“Is that an option?” he asked me. I laughed a little.
“It is going to take more than one phone call asking for me to forgive you for it to be an option,” I told him.

As Sydney decides to throw caution to the wind and begin another relationship with the man who has captured her heart. As their relationship strengthens and their fears and jealousy’s are explored, they become closer than they thought they could ever be even with the thousands of miles separating them.

When Sydney and Grant’s futures get in the way of them being together see the rocky road they lead and the changes in their lives that make their paths criss- cross. Sydney finishes her college career and begins life as a young adult. She becomes a strong independent woman and is reluctant to give up her heart to any man especially the one who keeps floating in and out of her life leaving her heart broken. Can Sydney live with all of her feelings for the only man she has every truly loved tucked away in a small box in her soul?
Is Grant her only true love or does someone else come along to show Sydney that she can love again? These questions and so much more can be found in the pages of “Not Another Wish”!

Author Bio

S.P. Wilcox is an independent author living in Southern California with her husband, for children and puppy. She enjoys writing, reading, going to the beach and spending time with friends and family. Look for more works by this Author including Wishful Thinking and a new YA book out in 2013.

Goodreads Wishful Thinking | Goodreads Not Another Wish | Amazon Wishful Thinking | Amazon Not Another Wish

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