Book Excerpt from Intimate Strangers by author Anne M. Strick

I’m glad to host an excerpt from Anne M. Strick‘s latest novel, Intimate Strangers, on my blog today. Intimate Strangers is a contemporary romance about adoption.

Book Excerpt

“Someone called it ‘natalism’. The equating of parenting with the simple biological inception of a child. Nothing to do with a living child at all. Parenthood equated with nothing but the joining of sperm and egg. That’s it, that’s enough, that’s all that matters.”
“To natalists, all. The genetic connection seen as the highest tie. The overriding one, in any contest. Sometimes,” and he steeled himself against his words, “overriding even clear evidence of neglect, of abuse. Our law in that area,” he added even as he felt her for a moment stop breathing, “is descended from ancient common law that gave the male absolute rights – property rights – over his biological progeny.”
Albert Zucker, he thought. The sperm who met the egg, the man who never bothered to meet the child. Or support him – or even acknowledge him. And over two and a half years later decided to call himself a parent.
A parent!
Lara was silent.
“Oh,” she said after a minute.
She lifted her head and looked at him. She was dry-eyed.
“Lousy odds,” she said softly. “I guess – I guess we’re just going to have to produce a miracle then. Aren’t we?”
Hell, Macauley thought. I said too much.
“Hell,” he repeated aloud. “I know it sounds – shitty – but Lara, there have been exceptions -.” He traced the tilt of her nose with a finger and clenched his jaw. “Baby Sis – the Timmy Team is going to be one of them!”
Her eyes smiled back.
“Yes,” she said. And bent to kiss his cheek as she stood. “I know. Because I have faith – in you, and Theo, and myself. Faith in reason and justice.” Now her smile touched her mouth again. “Pretty little fool that I am.”
She stood, straightened her sweatshirt over her jeans, and looked gravely into Macauley’s eyes. The violet-shaded eyes so like her own.
“And because nothing else is bearable.”

About Intimate Strangers

Title: Intimate Strangers
Author: Anne M. Strick
Genre: Contemporary Romance

This wonderful book is the first to focus on one aspect of man’s inhumanity to child that has crossed my path many times: that confusing world of adoptions. Anne M. Strick artfully sets up parallel adoption scenarios that immerse the readers in the very heart of the characters – birth parents, adoptive parents, and most importantly, the hearts of children themselves. With this book, she gives us the impetus to legally, practically and morally move to fulfill for our children the promise of the Pledge of Allegiance – “With Liberty and Justice for All!” Heart-catching, suspense, hot tears and hot sex.

Author Bio

Anne M.Strick has spent over twenty years in the movie industry. She has worked for Universal, Warners, Paramount and EMI, as a Unit Publicist, Project Coordinator and National Publicity Director, and with such Hollywood legends as Jack Nicholson, James Earl Jones, Sean Penn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Lynch, Sting and Dino De Laurentiis, among many others. She has published theater reviews, articles in Parents Magazine , Frontier and The Nation, and six books: two novels, two self-help books, one memoir (a best-seller in Italy); and a non-fiction, scholarly critique of our adversary trial system. (”remarkable”) . Born in Philadelphia, and educated at Bennington College and UCLA, she lives in Los Angeles.

Author Website | Goodreads

Purchase from : Amazon (Kindle) | Amazon (Paperback) | Smashwords | B&N

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