Progress on Once Upon a Wish

I had a lot of doubts about the length of Once Upon a Wish at first. Part of me wanted it to be a short, fun read. A novella. The story also didn’t seem too complicated, so I thought a novella would be perfect. But the further I’m getting into this story, the more I realize it’s too complex for a novella. The issues touched upon, the djinn history and lore, all of that is too divers and difficult to completely cover in a novella. So I’m upping the word count for around 45000 words for the first draft.

I always like to get at least a faint sense of how long the manuscript would be before I start writing it. Usually this changes at some point throughout the book – longer or shorter – but it’s nice to have an idea of where I’m at. I’m now 15,000 words in (give or take a few) and this book is nowhere near long. I don’t want to make it too long though, just a fun, humorous read, so I’ll try to stop at around 45k. Try. I’m not saying it’ll work.

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