Once Upon A Wish WIP

I’m working on my WIP, Once Upon a Wish. I’m still in the concept stages of this book, but it’s a fun project so far. I love how my characters all have their own personality, even from the start. They each come with their own quirks and interests, which make them all the more intriguing to write about. Donna is probably my favorite protagonist so far. She’s funny, hilarious even, and she hardly even realizes it.

I’m hoping to get this draft done by November so I can start on it during NaNoWriMo. I’m spending September cleaning up the last bits and pieces of Shadowmyth, a paranormal romance novel I’m working on. Shadowmyth was quite personal for me. It’s a journey deep into my own past, and as the heroine of the novel comes to terms with losing what she thought was her true love, I hope I will too. Shadowmyth is an important book to me, and it’s a lot more serious than Once Upon a Wish. I hope to start querying this by November-December.

What are you working on?

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