Book Excerpt Outcasts of the Worlds Tour


I’m sharing a snippet today from a science-fiction / fantasy book called “Outcasts of the Worlds”. This book has a gorgeous cover, and based on the snippet, it’ll be a great read. Wish I had time to read it!

About The Book

OutcastsFrontTitle: Outcasts of the Worlds

Author: Lucas Aubrey Paynter

Genre: SciFi Fantasy

Beyond the remnants of Earth lie many worlds, connected by pathways forgotten and invisible. They were left by the gods and have been found by Flynn.

A confidence man. A liar. A monster. Flynn has seen himself for what he really is and has resolved to pay for everything. Even if it means spending the rest of his days locked in Civilis, a tower prison for society’s unwanted – “half-humans” gifted by the fallout of nuclear holocaust centuries past.

Jean, a prisoner in the neighboring cell, has different ideas and despite himself, Flynn finds himself joining her daring escape. After rescuing her friend Mack, the three flee Civilis as Flynn pieces together the hours before his capture and finds himself drawn to an abandoned facility where a rift to another world opens at his nearing.

Together they will venture farther beyond the stars than humanity ever imagined, find others like them that will never belong, and tangle with forces both ancient and immortal. They stand alone, hated and scorned – and the last hope of making things right in a cosmos gone terribly wrong.

Author Bio

IMG9776Lucas Aubrey Paynter holds a Creative Writing degree from California State University Northridge—which looks really good when one talks about how they want to write for a living. A fan of engaging storytelling in any medium,  he spent years developing the worlds, characters and conflicts that Flynn and his company encounter, before settling at his desk and writing Outcasts of the Worlds, the first part of a much larger tale to come.

Currently residing with his wife in Burbank, California, Lucas enjoys reading in a variety of formats, potentially overanalyzing character motivations and arcs, and the occasional good, stiff drink.


Facebook –
Twitter – @OutcastWorlds
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Snippet from the Book

From Chapter 9 – A Crash Upon Sacred Spaces

  Flynn touched down on steady ground, stumbling but keeping his footing this time. The others had arrived safely, but for the transition from the dark and concealed recess of a forgotten cavern, their destination could not have been starker. There was no sun. No stars. No moon, nor clouds in the sky. In a fashion, there was no sky. The world they had come upon had neither day nor night and as they turned to get their bearings, it was more apparent that wherever they had landed was not a world at all.

            “Okay … the hell?” came Jean’s bewilderment.

            “Where have we come to?” Chari followed. “I am uncertain if this is categorically normal.”

            “Oh no, it is,” Mack assured. “It’s just you.”

            Peering as far along the edge as he could, Flynn realized they were standing atop a massive disc of arranged stones, floating alone in an oblivion of purple and black auroras. Rising readily behind them and obscuring the full visible scope of all that lay ahead was a temple. Consuming the entire space of the discus and extending for miles, its spires loomed and its inward passages delved deep. Each stone had an inner glow as intense as a field of fireflies, and these were the only reason they weren’t stumbling hopelessly in absolute pitch.

            “It doesn’t seem to rotate or orbit anything,” Flynn observed, crossing to the ledge and kneeling to look down. There was no visible end to the abyss. “It just … is.”

            “Purple,” Mack commented, looking down. He looked up, “Purple,” and then ahead, “Purple,” and finally, at the ground, “Rock.”

            “We’re in agreement on that then.” Flynn stood back up.

            “I think this is some sort of holy place,” Chari observed.

            “That some kinda priestess-y intuition?” Jean asked.

            “No, just…” Chari glanced back at the edifice behind them.

            “What else would you build a temple like this for?”

            There were no answers. For a moment, they watched the expanse, trying to see if something waited in the distant beyond. It became increasingly clear, however, that they had come upon the sole beacon in a vast and vacant microcosm.

            “I’d make it my house,” Mack finally decided. “Like, if there was a zombie invasion or something? This is where I’d hole up.”

            “A what-be?” Chari asked.

            “This place doesn’t seem very defensible,” Flynn observed, cracking his stiffening neck, feeling around with his sixth sense. “It’s perhaps bigger than the island we came from, but there are several routes in … and out.”

            Following his meaning, Jean grinned. “Options, yeah?”

            It wasn’t just the conduits. Something more tugged at Flynn, something altogether removed from the passages the others wished eagerly to explore. Faint though it was, it reminded him of Scytha, the Reaper he had met back on Sechal. Yet as reminiscent

as the sensation was, it was also very different.

            “I think there’s someone else here,” Flynn said, going ahead into the temple. Knowing they’d follow, he didn’t spare a glance back.


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Author Interview with Regina Chouza


I’m hosting an interview today with Regina Chouza, author of non-fiction self-help guide: “A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer and Love”.

Q: Please tell us about yourself.

I am a qualified Healer, Reiki Master and blogger. After seven years in the corporate world, I finally made the jump to full-time Healer in 2013. It’s been quite a ride! I honestly believe that opportunity knocks when we move past our fears. Within the year, my book was published and I got a call from Ask1Radio, where I now host a weekly talk show on healing, intuition and angels.

My approach to Energy Healing hinges on the belief that our thoughts, emotions and reactions have an emotional charge. A positive experience can leave you feeling happy and energized. A negative experience does the opposite. Let’s say you had an argument where you found yourself tongue-tied. Not having the words to express yourself can leave a sense of frustration and even a constriction in your throat. I’ve certainly been there a few times! Energy Healing aims to clear that energy from the throat before it becomes physical. We also work with our clients to point out behavioral patterns that influence the body in this way. Let’s say a client frequently finds herself frustrated and at a loss for words. Could that be responsible for her chronic sore throat?

Q: Tell us about your book.

The book is called A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love. It’s a short but sweet guide to self-healing for families who are dealing with cancer. My theory is that medical care takes care of the physical urgency, while we can turn to healing for spiritual, emotional and mental support.

I aim to provide a fresh perspective on the challenges faced when someone we love is diagnosed with cancer. We often start by asking why it happened or what it means. Inevitably, our biology, lifestyle habits and emotional wellbeing all play a part. We have to make changes on many levels.

Q: What inspired you to write “A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love”?

My dad was diagnosed when I was 16 and it had a profound effect on my family. You stop taking people for granted. It puts things in perspective, but then there is also this tremendous loss of control. And so many factors to think about, so many questions. Why did it happen to us, etc.?

Then a couple years ago I discovered energy healing, psychology and meditation. It dawned on me that we, as a family, had barely scratched the surface when it came to healing and stress relief. My dad’s doctors were fantastic and we were very lucky to have them. But it wasn’t enough. I wrote this book because I wanted to share the techniques I learned during a two-year accreditation in Energy Healing. It’s about Healing as a complementary therapy to medical care.

Q: How much time per week do you spend writing/editing your work?

 Not enough!

 I tend to write in bursts and then I’ll go and do something else for a few weeks. When I’m in writing mode, I try to spend at least 15-20 hours a week on a particular project. Then I go back to reading, anything from historical fiction and sci-fi to spiritual healing books. Right now I am reading Fall of Giants & 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. It’s all part of the same process.

 And of course, my Diary of a Psychic Healer blog is always active. I spend a few hours every week blogging about energy healing, intuition and any classes or books that I have come across.

Q: If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

I would love to chat with Sonia Choquette, the author of Ask Your Guides. Her book was my introduction to healing, intuition and angels. Her career is also one that I would love to emulate. As far as fiction writers go, Jules Verne would be a fun person to talk to. His sense of adventure, travel and the unknown is gripping. Isabel Allende would round out the list. Her latest novel, Ripper, is next on my reading list. One of the characters is a Reiki practitioner, maybe that’s why!

Q: What are you working on at the moment?

I’m writing a memoir on my early days at the College of Psychic Studies. I discovered this school in 2009 when I first moved to London. The classes read like something out of a sci-fi novel: clairvoyant meditations, mediumship and energy healing. I was so nervous the first time I walked in the door, I got as far as the bulletin board and left. Eventually I signed up for a meditation class where we learned how to tune into remote locations clairvoyantly. It was unbelievable. The images that came to mind were familiar: my aunt’s kitchen, or the view from my elementary school. But when I described them to my classmates, it fit the place they had in mind too. I have been blogging about it ever since on Diary of a Psychic Healer. This book is the prequel to that.

The idea is to present intuition realistically as well. People expect psychics to have all of the answers, or to pretend they do. That’s not the way I have experienced it. Especially when it comes to clairvoyance. It’s like playing Pictionary, an image flashes through your mind and you have to figure out what it means. You also have to learn to trust your gut, to know when it’s real.

About The Book

Self-Healing, Cancer and Love - Cover JPEGTitle:  A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love

Author: Regina Chouza

Available on Amazon

Kindle Freebie Dates: 19-20 October 2014

It is human nature to ask ‘Why did this happen to me?’ Though there may be medical explanations for illnesses, a scientific answer will not help us make sense of the pain and suffering that comes with these experiences.”

This book provides a fresh perspective on the challenges faced when we or someone we love is diagnosed with cancer. We often start by asking why it happened and what it means. Inevitably our biology, lifestyle habits and emotional wellbeing all play a part. For true healing to occur, we need to make changes on many levels. The author goes on to explore Energy Healing as a friendly booster for tired souls, equipping the reader with simple tools that can be used daily to facilitate their personal healing journey. The pages turn quickly, infused with love, courage and optimism.

Author Bio

It all started in 2009, when Regina discovered the College of Psychic Studies in London. Could anyone learn to channel healing and shift his or her life in a new direction? Of course! Since then Regina has left a successful career in marketing to become a qualified Healer, Reiki Master and talk radio host. Her first book, “A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer and Love”, is available on Amazon worldwide.

Visit her blog at


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Author Interview with Helen C. Hipp


I’m interviewing Helen C. Hipp today, author of children’s book “A Different Kind of Safari”. Enjoy the interview!

Q: Please tell us about yourself.

Having an artist as a mother provided me with endless opportunities to look at things from different perspectives. My father, whose work demanded strong problem-solving skills and out- of-the-box thinking, continually kept me on my toes, as well. As an adult, I have an adventuresome spirit and enjoy trail riding and horse camping with my horse Walker, as well as gardening and quiet moments with friends and family.

Q: Tell us about your book.

This is a children’s adventure book for ages 9 -12 year old. Engaging and fun the storylines universal message brings fun and inspiration to both the reading and listening audience. A timeless book for all ages!

Q: What inspired you to write A Different Kind of Safari?

The birth of the story began in Africa when my family spotted a pod of hippos and one was pink. My son fourteen at the time immediately named her “Rosie”.  Curious and wanting to learn more about this hippo my family  asked the guide many questions about hippos and hippo behavior.  Specifically I wanted to know why she stood so far outside of her pod? The familiarity of the guides answer took me by surprise, he explained that “Rosie” was tolerated but not necessarily accepted by the herd because of her differences.  As a parent of a child with special needs I immediately felt inspired to weave this experience into a children’s story that celebrates differences.

Q: How much time per week do you spend writing/editing your work?

It varies as I have many projects that require much of my time.

Q: If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

Black Beauty -Anna Sewel

Where the Wild Things Are – Maurice Sendak

The Tao of Leadership – John Heider

Q: What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on a writing project that is meant to assist adults with feelings of personal loss.

A Different Kind of Safari

bookcover_smallTitle: A Different Kind of Safari

Author: Helen Hipp

Genre: Children’s Books

Has a book ever changed your life? Not just inspired you but helped you to see you’re life differently? In a tale that celebrates differences “A Different Kind of Safari”  addressing the many questions life asks by offering up lighthearted, ever-changing perspectives that transform personal challenges into opportunities. Engaging and fun young children begin to figure out how they are the same and different from other people, and how they feel about the differences. Full of fun and enjoyable teachable moments that move children and allow them to make personal connections with the characters handling of similar fears, interests, and concerns that they experience.

Author Bio

Hip9860_7x5final150dpiHelen Hipp’s experience raising a special needs child led her to an M.A. in clinical psychology and certification as a life coach. She began her career as a psychotherapist to help people find answers for their life problems. Her work eventually evolved into a coaching practice, WithinU Life Coaching, focusing on individuals with special needs and their families. Helen uses her 13+ years of counseling experience and 20+ years’ experience as a successful advocate for individuals with special needs by helping them reveal their innate ability to solve difficult situations. Her debut book ” A Different Kind of Safari” puts into words the essence of Helen’s teachings addressing the many questions life asks by offering up lighthearted, ever-changing perspectives that transform personal challenges into opportunities.


For more information, visit the books official website and to see a picture of the real Rosie the real life pink hippo that inspired this story, go to

Award Winning Book trailer:

Buy the Book:

A Different Kind Of Safari | Hardcover

A Different Kind Of Safari | Hardcover

A Different Kind Of Safari | Audio Book

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Book Excerpt from Globaloonies: The Big Red Button


Not an interview today, but an excerpt, from a children’s picture book, called “Globaloonies: The Big Red Button”. It certainly has a good dosis of humor, and some lovely illustrations.

Book Excerpt

Joey Papagopolis is on a mission.

He is a ten-year-old boy with a common first name and a last name that nobody can pronounce. (For the record, his last name is said like this: Papa-gah-poh-liss.)

What Joey Papagopolis wants more than anything is to do something good that would earn him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. That would be so cool. And cool is something that Joey would very much like to be.


pic1Joey started wanting that when he heard about a girl who had made a mosaic out of 800 pounds of jellybeans. For real! Her name is Stephanie Logsdon, and she’s from California. She was only twelve when she did it. She used two hundred ten thousand (210,000!) jellybeans and won an art contest. She didn’t get into the Guinness Book, though. Joey thought that was a real shame. He didn’t think anybody else had ever used that many jellybeans to make anything.

Joey was so impressed with her feat that he even sketched it in his notebook:


pic2But since Stephanie Logsdon didn’t get into the Book of World Records, Joey thought he’d try to do it. His parents bought him only four bags of jellybeans to start with. He ate so many of them, he threw up, and so they didn’t buy him any more. Clearly, that wasn’t going to be his ticket to Guinness fame.

After that, Joey tried to beat the world record for balancing spoons on the face. He didn’t expect it to be so hard since the world record was only seventeen spoons:


pic3But after trying for a week, Joey couldn’t even keep one spoon on his face. It was a lot harder than it looked. The kid who won was from Canada. He broke the record set by a kid who was only nine. The nine-year-old had managed to balance sixteen spoons on his face.


pic4Then, Joey thought about trying to break the world record for holding the most slugs in one’s mouth. A guy from Germany had won that by putting 400 slugs in his mouth and keeping them there for 10 seconds:


Joey mentioned the idea to kids at school. But they got so grossed out by it, nobody would play with him at recess for two days. It probably was a disgusting idea, and Joey realized it wouldn’t make other kids think he was cool. He decided not to go for it.

That made his mother very happy when he told her about it later.

When Joey was in second grade, he talked his parents into letting him have a pet chameleon. He figured if he took him to school, for sure it would up his status on the popularity meter. (For the record, chameleon is said like this: kuh-meel-yuhn.)

After the chameleon stuck out his tongue, the boys thought the chameleon was cool, but Joey… not so much. And the girls thought they were both disgusting. Well, all except Jody Bisbaum, who thought any creature with a tongue almost twice the length of its body was very interesting.

After she saw the chameleon that day, Jody Bisbaum went around sticking out her tongue and trying to pick things up with it. Mostly all she picked up were germs. After being out of school for three days, she stopped trying to be a human lizard.


pic6Even though the chameleon didn’t make anyone think that Joey was cool, Joey kept him, and they soon became best friends. Joey named him Larry. His mom and dad got a ficus tree for Joey to keep in his room because they had read that chameleons liked ficus trees. And because they didn’t want a lizard running around anywhere except in Joey’s room. (For the record, ficus is said like this: fahy-kuhs.)


pic7Larry spent his time sitting in his tree and munching crickets and worms and other things that Joey discovered chameleons liked. He slept in the chameleon-sized bed that Joey made for him.

At least that was what Larry used to do. Ever since Joey and Larry found the BIG RED BUTTON, well … life changed a lot for them both.

It all started one morning before school, when Joey was looking under his bed hoping to find a clean pair of socks without holes in them.

About Globaloonies

Globaloonies1_EbookTitle: Globaloonies

Author: Max Candee

Genre: Children’s Picture Book, Time Travel

“Joey Papagopolis is your typical 10-year-old.

Like most boys that age, Joey has a pet chameleon named Larry and a mysterious Big Red Button that can transport the two of them through time and space to the far reaches of the planet…

Hey, wait a second, that’s not typical at all! In fact, that’s pretty amazing — which is why you will want to follow along as Joey and Larry set off on their first Big Red Button adventure.

An absent-minded wish and an accidental pressing of the button land Joey and Larry smack in the middle of a conflict between a Native American tribe and some English settlers. Yikes!

Are their lives in danger? Can Joey resolve the conflict? Will Larry teach them all how to line dance? Does Larry even know how to line dance?

The answers to these questions and more await you in the fun and fantastic adventure of THE BIG RED BUTTON.

65+ illustrated pages (may vary by device).
Humorous illustrations by Anne Zimanski.

Includes a professionally crafted audiobook. Look for the link inside!“

Author Bio

Max Candee is a dad of three curious kids. He writes books for children together with twelve-year-old Ivan, seven-year-old Naomi and five-year-old Maya, who all share their passionate opinions and creative ideas. They even draw in Max’s manuscripts, and they love it when professional illustrators build on their suggestions.

In fact, Max only publishes those books which his children loved and wanted to share with their friends.



To buy at Amazon:


Win a $25 Amazon gift card during the tour.

Go here to participate in the giveaway for an Amazon gift card!

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Book Excerpt from Weekend Experience


A few days ago, I hosted an excerpt for erotic romance “First Experience”. Today I’m hositng an excerpt for its sequel, “Weekend Experience”. Enjoy the excerpt!

Warning: excerpt is adult only.

Book Excerpt

“Yes, Kelly, we’re going to have dessert. More specifically, I’m going to have desert – served off of you: You will both be the dessert platter and part of the dessert. I’m planning on eating my fill today, and you will need to remain very still, so the dessert doesn’t fall off the platter.

Kelly started giggling, her flat stomach moving in jerks up and down, as her giggles became a laugh. She put her head back down, and I remembered to pull out the small pillow from another bag that I had brought from home, putting it gently under her head and giving her another peck on the lips.

I pulled out a small spoon, and opened a jar of blueberry jam, taking a small amount in the spoon and feeding it to Kelly. “Yum!” she announced, and put her head back down. I then put a spoonful of the jam in my own mouth, and swirled it – as I might when tasting a fine wine. I leaned over Kelly, and lowered my head to kiss her – an open-mouth, tongue-swirling, experience that was sweetened by the jam. Kelly continued to kiss me long after we had swallowed the jam.

I then sat back up and reached for another jar, taking a spoonful of the green jelly. I told Kelly, “This will be a little different. You told me you wanted more spice in your life …” After putting the jelly into my mouth, I again leaned over Kelly, and her head lifted up to meet mine, as our lips joined. It didn’t take more than a moment after our mouths had joined before Kelly gave a little squeal, and said through the kiss something that sounded like “That’s hot!” I smiled, and said, “Yes, that’s what I thought.” I knew she meant the Jalapeño jelly, but the romantic kiss was also very hot.

I grabbed the honey, and began to squeeze a line of the thick, sweet stuff along her neck, zigzag across her chest, and down to her breasts, squeezing a blob of honey over each nipple. Kelly squealed, and then giggled, as she felt the honey drip over her skin. Finally, I went back up to her face, and squeezed some honey up her neck, over her chin, around her cheeks, and then a large blob across her lips.

I began licking her, perhaps as a dog would, lapping up the sweet liquid ravenously. First her cheeks, and then down to her chin, working my way to her honey-glazed lips, which were open and awaiting my mouth. We kissed again, long and passionately – literally, one of the sweetest kisses I had ever experienced!

I continued my licking – down her neck, across her chest, and over her breasts to her nipples. I spent several minutes licking, sucking, and gently biting each of her nipples in turn, and both were as erect as I had ever seen them. I looked into Kelly’s eyes, from only a few inches away, and they seemed to be emitting their own glow in the darkness of the van.

I could tell that Kelly was quite turned-on already, but she would have to wait a bit longer for the release that she needed. I chuckled, and said to Kelly, “I licked my plate clean! But I’m still hungry. I’m going to make a nice desert on this flat platter here – patting her stomach. Kelly’s head was on the pillow, and her eyes were closed.

For a change of pace, I grabbed the sour cream, and a wooden spatula that I had brought, and began spreading a thin layer of sour cream over Kelly’s abdomen – from her navel to just below her breasts, and from side to side. Kelly shrieked once, as the cold sour cream first contacted her stomach, and she giggled, making a very nice scene of the rippling white landscape following the contours of her body.

Once she was coated with sour cream, I reached for the brown sugar, and began crumbling it over her – covering the sour cream with a thin layer of crunchy sweetness. Then, I opened a box of blueberries and dropped them, one-by-one, onto the sour cream and brown sugar mixture. Her stomach now looked like a pie, dotted with fresh blueberries.

Kelly couldn’t stop giggling, and her stomach was jiggling, but my ‘pie’ was holding together. I gave her a quick smile, and lowered my head, licking and slurping up the sweet mixture. It was a bit too much, and I scraped a portion off with the spatula, and put it directly into Kelly’s mouth, so she could taste it. I then continued to lick Kelly’s stomach until she was clean.

Before I went lower, I decided to ‘decorate’ Kelly’s body. I sprayed whipped cream on her nipples, and drew a line of white around her breasts, and down her middle, to her dark triangle. Then, I took the chocolate sauce, and squirted it over her pubic hair, retaining the color contrast, but making a gooey mess. Finally, I added some decorations, including writing “I love you” using the squeeze bottle of caramel.

I put a raspberry on top of the mounds of whipped cream covering each of Kelly’s nipples, and arranged a few strawberries and grapes on her now-sticky body. I gave Kelly credit for not complaining about the mess. She must have been wondering how she was going to get cleaned up enough to drive home. Or, perhaps not.

I picked up one of the raspberries, dipped it in the whipped cream from Kelly’s right breast, and put it into her mouth. She propped herself up, both to eat the fruit, and to see the ‘food art’ I had created on her body. Taking my time, I selected fruit, dipped it in the chocolate or caramel sauce, and used it to scoop up some whipped cream. It was delicious, and a nice way to eat desert: From a submissive’s body.

Weekend Experience

coverwBeyond 50 Shades … Way Beyond!

WEEKEND EXPERIENCE is an intimate exploration of kinks and fetishes by an unlikely couple, with thoughtful and philosophical discussion by the characters, and graphic descriptions of their erotic adventures.

Sam and Kelly have role-played some of their most intimate fantasies in an atmosphere of openness and trust.  Now, Sam wants to share with Kelly new kinks, fetishes and sensual pleasures.  Kelly is more than a willing participant:  She is the mirror by which Sam sees that his openness and submission is as important as Kelly’s.  A visit by her friends leads to new fantasies for both of them.

The Experiences series is an epic love story of erotic relationships and sexual desires. Written in a ‘literary realism’ style, the series introduces Sam in the prequel, and the blossoming of his intimate relationship with Kelly as the series progresses. Fantasies and real-world adventures coalesce to mold a unique bond between unlikely lovers. Where needs are mutually satisfied in an open, creative and trusting environment. Where physical and mental boundaries are pushed. Where the concepts of love and sex are never confused, but sometimes confusing. Where openness is required and intimacy is expected. And where fair-is-fair, regarding the punishment of transgressions.

Contemporary erotic romance: Suitable for mature readers, aged 18+ years.

Experiences:  Book 3 is 101,000 words, 17 chapters, 336 print pages

Acclaim from reviewers:

“Erotic, sexy, imaginative, and descriptive”

“The dialog in this book is top notch”

“Origins of a Fetish is well written, fast paced, and a true page turner”

“After reading Origins of a Fetish, I truly wanted more”

“An extremely sexy novel that is filled with substance”

“Will leave you questioning your own beliefs on sex”


This work contains mature content, including graphic sexual descriptions and scenes, and is provided for adults only. The Experiences series contains scenes of psychological and physical submission, discipline, and medical fetish.  The characters explore various fetishes, which evolve throughout the series.  ALL CHARACTERS IN THE BOOK ARE 21 YEARS OLD OR OLDER, and all activities are consensual.


About The Author

SimoneFace Small 140811An adventuress and traveler, Simone is a sensual being who loves to read stories that excite her.  She takes exception to authors who promote their works as ‘dirty’, ‘filthy’, or ‘smutty’:  She believes that sex is wonderful in all of its incarnations, and doesn’t shy away from graphic descriptions of realistic sexual experiences, no matter how messy.  Her writing is mainly in the ‘literary realism’ style – i.e., it is wild (even outrageous) … but could really happen to you!  She values openness in relationships, and demonstrates this through her characters.

Prior to becoming an author, Simone was a nurse.  One of her pet peeves is reading erotica that gets simple anatomy wrong!  She is continually bewildered by women who haven’t explored their own bodies.  Another pet peeve is the mostly hung-up Victorian society prevalent in the U.S. and U.K., and she tries to do her part to change that by introducing people to new sexual and sensual experiences through her erotic writing.  The activities in Simone’s books are quite realistic, as she has participated in most of these in ‘real life’, as surreal as it may seem.

Simone is currently completing the Experiences series, which will run an estimated 1,000,000 words!  That is why she refers to it as an ‘epic’ romance, although each volume is intended to stand on its own, with a ‘happy for now’ ending.  Experiences combines literary style and philosophical discussion by the characters with graphic portrayal of sex in all of its kinks and fetishes.  You may not like all of the things Simone’s characters do … but neither do they.  Their exploration of new experiences will hopefully motivate some readers to explore their own sexuality to a greater extent.

Simone loves to hear from her readers, so feel free to contact her.   In fact, she hopes you will feel ‘free’ sexually and spiritually, as well.  Please follow her on social media and her blog.  On her website, you may interact directly with the main characters in her books, including asking them questions in order to understand their perspectives in more depth.

You can sign up to her mailing list to learn about new releases, and take advantage of promotions.  All readers on the mailing list will be sent an excerpt from each of her next novels, prior to publication.

You can contact Simone at

Visit Simone’s website:

Friend Simone on her Facebook page:

Or, tweet Simone at:


Buy Weekend Experience on:

Amazon Kindle | iBooks | B&N | Smashwords | Createspace

The Experience series on Kindle.

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Author Interview with Jonathan Charles Bruce


I’m interviewing Jonathan Charles Bruce today, author of mystery / thriller “Washed Hands”. I hope you enjoy the interview!

Q: Please tell us about yourself.

A: I teach Ethnic Studies and tutor writing at a university. One of the classes I teach is about tracing and dissecting the various tropes in media that have popped up in the course of the American experience. I love pop culture of all eras for what it shows us about the hopes, dreams, and fears of people from all spectrums of the human experience. I tend to be very loud and boisterous when I speak, which can be really off-putting for some people. Although I come across as a cynic, I actually have an optimistic streak a mile long—I like to see the best in people, because if I don’t, then what’s the point?

Q: Tell us about your book.

A: Washed Hands is my take on the hardboiled, noir-style fiction that I love while still maintaining a kind of post-modern self-awareness. I realize that sounds super pretentious, but it’s really not meant to be. It’s just a fancy way of saying that it recognizes the conventions of the genre while still having fun with them.

Hm. Maybe that sounds pretentious, too. I’m bad at this.

Anyway, Washed Hands follows Monica Deimos, a thirty-year old woman working for the titular agency of Washed Hands, Inc. Her job revolves around ending relationships that are stickier than most—divorces, emotional manipulation, that kind of thing. She’s called in to take over a case that she realizes all-too-late is a set up. Now framed for the murder of a wealthy socialite, she has to race against time and the police to find out who wanted her framed and why.

Q: What inspired you to write Washed Hands?

A: Although I can’t speak to how universal the experience is, I feel that the toxic breakup is something that a lot of us can relate to. Most of us like to imagine that we are good, decent people that strive to do the right thing by ourselves and others. And yet, when it comes to relationships ending, our brains kick into “burn bridges” mode and turn us from who we want to be into really awful people. I’ve been on both sides of the equation of a break up, and I’ve also been that toxic moron struggling to maintain something dying in desperate, borderline-insane ways.

It’s embarrassing looking back on that.

As I became more aware of the experiences others were having, it became apparent that an institution like Washed Hands—a place that handles breakups and sets conditions and limits on people’s behavior in clear terms—is something I’m surprised doesn’t already exist. People just get so weird (understandably so—I’m not saying that this stuff is beyond comprehension) that having a third party to maintain civil discourse appeared to be a natural extension of this topic.

So I wrote this as a joke and moved on:

It was just kind of a fun little thing that was never expected to stick with me. But it did. The more I thought about it, the more I thought that it could make a compelling backdrop to a thriller in a traditionally detective-ish style. So I started writing Washed Hands later that year. Believe it or not, I think I only plotted seven chapters initially. It… kind of snowballed from there.

Q: How much time per week do you spend writing/editing your work?

A: Since school is back in session, it’s been a bit cramped in terms of writing. But how it will usually end up breaking down is about two to three hours on my writing days committing things to paper (or an electronic version of it, if we’re being completely honest) followed by an additional thirty minutes revising. The only reason that it’s so short is because most of my writing at the moment is focused on my blog—as a tremendous dork (and inspired by Jenny Trout and her analysis of 50 Shades of Grey/Buffy the Vampire Slayer), I took it upon myself to play through the Silent Hill video game series and critically evaluate the narrative and anything else I come across. As such, that writing is pretty plotted out already.

Now, for my fiction work? That’s a different bag altogether. I will plow through a chapter in about three or four hours (depending on length, it can be up to eight). Then I’ll break, then go through it again, adding, deleting, and what have you. The end result can be anywhere between six and twelve hours. Although I think the longest I’ve spent writing and revising has been twenty hours on one chapter, and that was obviously (at least, I hope it would be obvious) over the course of three days.

It’s not as much as I’d like, to be honest, but those episodes of Gilmore Girls won’t watch themselves.

Q: If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

A: Roderick Thorp, the author of The Detective and Nothing Lasts Forever.

J.K. Rowling, because Harry Potter was and continues to be wonderful.

Marjane Satrapi, author of Persepolis.

Q: What are you working on at the moment?

For my blog, I’m still working on my Silent Hill analytical takedown. I’m also developing a class on the history of Milwaukee in regards to gender and ethnic identity.

But I have a feeling most people would be far more interested in my fiction, at which point I’m working on three things: a sequel to my first Booktrope novel, a sequel to Washed Hands, and an original venture into gently poking fun at paranormal romance. Gently—I’m not a monster.

About the Book

WASHED_HANDS_ebookTitle: Washed Hands

Author: Jonathan Charles Bruce (

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Release Date: October 14, 2014

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing (

Price: $13.95 (paperback)

ISBN:              9781620154656


Breaking up can be one of the hardest things a person can do, something that the dedicated team at Washed Hands, Inc. thoroughly understands. Whether one’s soon-to-be-ex is manipulative, violent, or anything else that makes a clean break difficult, the company’s rejection counselors ensure that the split is established and maintained in no uncertain terms. And in the toughest cases, no one’s better at this than Monica Deimos.

Brought in on what appeared to be a relatively straight-forward domestic nightmare, Monica

realizes all-too-late that she has been set up to take the fall for the murder of a wealthy socialite.

As the police close in, Monica needs to discover who she can trust, who wants her out of the way, and why she was framed.

She’s no fool, though. The best case scenario ends in a jail cell… the worst in a body bag.




Author Bio

7862046Jonathan Bruce began writing what amounted to terrible Star Trek: The Next Generation fan fiction when he was four. Although the original manuscripts are lost (or perhaps destroyed), we can rest assured that his prose has improved significantly since then. After high school, he began writing and directing plays which gradually improved depending on whom you ask. He discovered his love of a good fight scene after writing a Dracula knock-off which took a 19th century classic and made it less about Victorian yearning and 300% more about stabbing things in the jugular.

And yes, this means he wrote vampire fiction before Stephanie Meyer made it cool to sparkle in the sun.

He has a Master’s Degree in History, thanks largely to his thesis focusing on MUSIC, a Milwaukee-based school desegregation campaign during the 1960′s. He also enjoys discussing/making fun of pop culture of the 20th century and reading books of a non-historical nature. In his off moments, you can catch him writing for fun or making inane movies about nothing in particular. He also occasionally provides work for Twenty Four Pages a Second, a pretty keen website you should totally check out.




Twitter: @jonathancbruce

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Author Interview with P.H. Turner


Another interview today, this time around with a romantic suspense author, P.H. Turner, the author of “Winterkill”, a novel currently touring with Enchanted Book Promotions.

Q: Please tell us about yourself.

Teaching and shooting news and documentaries took me to work on the East and West coasts, the Midwest and an island in the Gulf of Mexico. I learned I love America and writing about her rich cultural heritage. I admire strong women and men who commit to each other, want to build a strong relationship and better the lives of those around them.  I write about the things happening around us, drug cartels, gangs, drugs, and human trafficking and my characters are warriors against the darkness.

 Born a fourth generation Texan, I live in Austin with an energetic mutt that waits patiently every day for me to come home and write.

Q: Tell us about your books.

I write about what I know. Men and women who love each other and want it all, intellectual, physical and emotional intimacy. People with demanding jobs who are proud of their work and support each other and put the relationship first.

Winterkill is on sale now. Death&Desire goes on sale March 2015 is available for preorder. Under the Dark Moon is in progress and I will  finish it this year.

Q: What inspired you to write Winterkill?

The car trips my parents took my sister and I on when we were kids. We traveled the west to Indian reservations and museums that told the story of  the settlement of the west and how we treated the indigenous people. I was in the back seat of the car  enthralled with the scenery and the stories- when I wasn’t pestering my older sister.  My family settled in Texas in the 1840’s and were dirt farmers with a few head of cattle. They scratched a living from the ground and followed the frontier line west to central Texas, finally settling there. 

Q: How much time per week do you spend writing/editing your work?

I write seven days a week. The five days of the work week I work a minimum of six hours a day. Weekends, I work less.

Q: If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

Lisa Jackson, J.D. Roberts, and Tess Gerritson

Q: What are you working on at the moment?

Under the Dark Moon is the tale of Taylor’s investigation into human trafficking of girls out of Mexico into sexual slavery in America. Taylor finds eleven year old Sofia, who escaped her captor when he fell asleep. Captain Trace Yazzie of the Navaho Nation is Taylor’s lover and partner in finding the traffickers who took Sophia.

About Winterkill

coverTitle: Winterkill

Author: P.H. Turner

Genre: Romantic Suspense

A beautiful reporter and a charming rancher are caught in a web of mayhem, murder…and lust.

Reporter Sawyer Cahill returns home to Cheyenne, Wyoming to report for the local station. But leaving behind the coverage of the gangland murders of San Antonio only lands her smack in the middle of the ritualistic animal mutilations. Harassed and threatened by the  freak behind the bizarre murders, Sawyer plunges into her investigation, reaping the attentions of two local ranchers.

Local rancher, Jake Spooner, tangles with a tug of war relationship with Sawyer. Tormented between his smoldering desire for Sawyer and his wish to keep her safe, their passion flames in a mountain snow storm.

Author Bio

PH TurnerTeaching and shooting news and documentaries took me to work on the East and West coasts, the Midwest and an island in the Gulf of Mexico. Born a fourth generation Texan, I live in Austin with an energetic mutt that waits patiently every day for me to come home and work on my second novel.




Kensington Books


There’s a tour-wide giveaway for two $10 Amazon gift cards. Follow the link below to participate!

Go here to participate in the giveaway.

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